The Meat Grinder

What is The Meat Grinder?

It’s a writing contest where short stories, flash fiction, and poetry compete for the most reads (views), likes, and comments for a certain amount of time to win a prize.

What are the rules?

We like to keep things simple. You submit your submission and it will be paired up on a first come, first serve basis based on type (short story, flash fiction or poem). After enough submissions are paired, they’ll be uploaded to the website where they’ll compete for a certain amount of time. During the competition, the stories can earn donation money with a 40-60% split between Deadman’s Tome and the author of that story. The views, likes, and comments will be converted to points and totaled. The story with the most points win.

Rules about comments: the author’s personal comments on their own story do not count. If an author’s story receives consecutive negative comments (e.g. “this sucks”, “worst story ever”, “learn how to write” at the discretion of the judge) then it will be taken down and disqualified.

Point count: 1 view = 1 point, 1 like = 2 point, 1 comment = 3 points.

Submit to The Meat Grinder

Current Match: Prize $50

[Sep 2018 TMG]The Feast of Beltane – Ray Prew

[Sep 2018] Craftsmanship for Food – Clark Roberts

[Sep 2018] Walnut Street – Luke Peace

[Sep 2018 TMG] One Night in 1988 – James S Malheiros




Prior Champions

August 2018

[August 2018 TMG] The Cartel – Renee Miller

July 2018

[June 2018 Meat Grinder] A Final Supper – Trev Hill

April 2018 5th Week (contestants only had a week to compete)

A Macabre Dream – Sravani Singampalli

April 2018 4th Week

The Fear That Never Got Erased – Sravani singampalli

April 2018 3rd Week

No Longer Human – Arya Ashok Dixit

April 2018 2nd Week

Secret – Victor Flavin

First Meat Grinder

Bitches – Trev Hill