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Conversation with Trev Hill

Trev Hill meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about A Final Supper, a story in the very competitive writing contest called The Meat Grinder, writing controversial subjects, and horror. This Wednesday at 9:30PM CST.

If you want on the show, call in the number is 7136365637
It’s not a toll free number, but I can call you if you request. Send me a contact request to

Remember, this service isn’t free. It’s paid for in a combination of out of pocket and the generous support of the Deadman’s Tome patrons. Consider being a patron to get access to just about every issue of Deadman’s Tome and private shows.

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Gift from the Immortals

Many writers were influenced by the great generation, authors such as Gertrude Stein, Earnest Hemingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, while others were influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. No matter the source, the influence can be seen in their prose and style. Much more, the themes, subjects, and even characters become borrowed and re-envisioned. One of the most obvious examples of this is with H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. A lot of writers take bits and pieces from the lore, and work them into their own vision, making something new and unique with something borrowed.

I consider this a gift from those that have become immortal.

As a writer, how would you feel if your name and legacy was not only remembered, but people borrowed from it, and put bits and pieces of you into their own work? Do you find it to be stealing from your estate? Do you find it to be taking something of yours without permission, or is it a way to spread your reach and legacy even after death?

With this in mind, I think of Stephen King. God forbid King passes away, but being human it’s inevitable that he will. When he does, will his characters and mythos be available for other writers to use as their own, or will they be tied to the estate?

Could you imagine Jack Torrance living on in different iterations, created by authors from various sub-genres of horror? Could you imagine Randall Flagg living on well passed his creator’s death much like Cthulhu? What about Stephen King’s mythical turtle?

Stephen King definitely has the status and reputation to be remembered long after he passes away, and his books, themes, and characters will be with us long after that. I could imagine the family keeping the rights and guarding the books, of course, but you know good and well that people would want to write on with bits of his legacy. I’m curious how that King family would address that when that time comes.



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Conversation with B.B. Blazkowicz

BJ Blazkowicz, I mean BB Blazkowicz, meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about his story in the highly competitive writing contest called the Meat Grinder, video games, and horror. This Monday at 9:30PM CST Call-ins welcomed!

Call in and outbound calls. If you want on the show, call in the number is 7136365637
It’s not a toll free number, but I can call you if you request. Send me a contact request to
Remember, this service isn’t free. It’s paid for in a combination of out of pocket and the generous support of the Deadman’s Tome patrons. Consider being a patron to get access to just about every issue of Deadman’s Tome and private shows.

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This Fact is SO Embarrassing

Whether you are a writer, musician, or an artist, we juggle routines with responsibilities and priorities. Responsibilities, such as getting the kids ready for school or taking out the trash, can’t be ignored. Just as priorities such as dropping that morning deuce or brewing that fresh cup of coffee are essential to daily living. But there are things we often think of as priorities when they’re really not. Catching up on Orange is the New Black on Netflix or watching the latest live stream on YouTube aren’t really priorities, and in fact eat at the time you could have for your creative endeavor.

Am I full of crap? Let me put it to you this way. I talked with Chris Roy on a recent episode of the Deadman’s Tome podcast, and this man is an author. Chris Roy has a few books out and his recent work is Her Name is Mercie, a collection of short stories. Now, you might be wondering, big deal there are lots of writers and authors out there. But while you spend maybe an hour a week on that project, he spent hours a day. While you have access to a computer and just about any writing resource, he’s limited to a cell phone and very limited data. You see, Chris Roy is a prisoner sentenced to life. While he has plenty of time to write, and a mind swimming with ideas, most wouldn’t think he would have the tools, resources, and environment conducive for the craft.

Yet, Chris Roy makes it work. I think the big reasons for that are ambition and priority. In prison, Chris does not have to worry about the distractions and the bullshit that constantly bombards those on the outside. So, do what he does and extract those distractions form your life, remove yourself from the temptation, don’t even kid yourself that just on more round of Fortnite will be enough to satisfy you so that you can spend another 30 minutes staring at a blank screen and 15 minutes of actual writing.

So, next time you even think about procrastinating, think of what Chris Roy can accomplish just on a phone, using the time he has. What can you do with your computer? What can you do if you’re not wasting time consuming media?


Listen, it’s free




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Fuck Nazis

Deadman’s Tome needs your help. We were playing around with the idea of a Biker VS the Undead anthology, but that just doesn’t really seem fitting as a follow-up to The Conspiracy Issue.

A Fuck Nazis anthology pertaining to real-life Nazis and allegedly real-life Nazis getting their due in various ways would be fun as Hell, as would an anthology around bigots and racist getting their due titled Let the Klansmen Hang.

These would be fun and worthwhile projects, but with bringing back the monthly circulation free to reed magazine (direct download from the site) and collecting submissions for Real American Horror: Texas, we only have so much time to devote on a third project.

So which one should it be? cast your vote!


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CIA Tries to Shut Down the Truth!

The government has tried to shut down Deadman’s Tome. We’ve received emails, calls, and strange letters in the mail warning us to back off from releasing the Conspiracy Issue. We took measures and put constant surveillance at the headquarters, a stream going to a private server of trusted people that will release it to the public if anything were to go down.

We had Clark Roberts on the show. During which, we were harassed by what I believe to be a CIA operative. I know it sounds weird, but listen to it and see for yourself.






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Hey, horror writers or even writers in general, is your book not selling well? Is the competition too much? Are there books that seem to be out performing yours? Well guess what? How about you trademark a common word or phrase used in about 90% of them and FORCE them to OFF the platform.

That’s what Faleena Hopkins did. She trademarked the word Cocky. On April 17, 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a registration certificate to Trademark Reg. No. 5447836, for “COCKY,” for the following goods: In IC 009: A series of downloadable e-books in the field of romance. IC 016: A series of books in the field of romance. Unlike the previous registration, this is a standard character mark registration.

But wait, I thought Cocky was a pretty common word, after all Han Solo used it, so shouldn’t Disney own the trademark? I mean, if they don’t then why should any body, right? Well, let’s unpack this.

A trademark identifies a particular good or service to consumers, and a common word can be used if it can be demonstrated that it is UNIQUE to that good or service. With that in mind, Faleena Hopkins was not the first romance writer to use the word Cocky as a title, and the word is not unique to her. In fact, she did not start using the word Cocky until AFTER she got the patent. It’s not about who gets the patent first, it’s about who used it first.

But wait, there’s more.

You can’t copyright a title of a book. You can get a trademark, if it’s something that is demonstrated to be associated with your good or service. Take Magic School Bus for example. Everyone knows Magic School Bus, but no one knows a particular brand as Cocky.

So, if you’re thinking this couldn’t possibly hold up in court, then you are right. But that does not matter at the moment, because Captain Dick Head Faleena Hopkins is telling Amazon she owns a trademark and forcing books to be taken down, forcing authors to CHANGE THEIR NAME! The trademark is in use in a series of books, not for her name or anyone’s name. Yet, Amazon doesn’t give a damn. Hopkins has played the game and is burning down her competitors one by one.

But, there is good news.

The Romance Writers of America, an industry group, is allegedly also looking into this matter. They will probably provide a centralized response. Author Liliana Hart reports that the RWA requests that people who are contacted by Ms. Hopkins or her attorneys contact Carol Ritter of the RWA at this email:

Retired IP litigator and author Kevin Kneupper has filed a Petition for Cancellation of the “COCKY” standard character mark. Link to his filing here: The petition will now be considered in due course by the Trademark Office. We should not expect to hear anything for a few weeks, and the matter could take months to resolve. But in the meantime the registration stands and the risks remain.

If you get a cease and desist letter or any other form of legal communication, you may find my “HELP, I JUST GOT A LEGAL THING!” post useful. Click here to read it.

She will get reamed, I’m sure of it. The puta has it coming. But think of the copycats. Imagine some horror writer trademarked the word horror and started being a massive dick.

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Shocking Truth About Creativity

If you’re a creative person, then you know what I’m about to say is true. Creativity is empowering and theraputic.

How do you feel when you act upon your creative impulses? Feels good, right? Get that good energy going through you, feeling like you’re accomplishing something. Even better, the good energy you feel is beneficial to your health. Do I have a study to prove this? There are several studies, but you don’t need a study to know that when you’re in the grips of a creative moment that you feel younger, happier, and just better.

So what’s the shocking truth? Creativity is not something that can be ignored. Now hold on, I know that seldom and sometimes quite frequently, it is ignored, but it shouldn’t be. As a creative mind, you probably felt the sting, the burn, whenever you DON’T act upon a creative urge. That feeling is regret, and regret is not good for your health. Regret releases chemicals in the brain associated with stress, and while in short bursts it can alert your system, activate flight or fight response, long term exposure can really wear on your body.

Much worse, long term exposure to regret can lead to seeking out ways to distract from the emotional pain such as drinking excessively, drug use, excessive masturbation, and even watching nonstop reality TV.

Not only will the regret make you a miserable person that no one would ever want to hangout with, long term exposure to regret can lead to health problems such as erectile dysfunction, obesity, clinical depression, and cancer.

I get that we have to find balance between work, family, and creative moments, and that search can even become quite a daunting task. But, one thing no creative mind should ever do is lock away their ideas in the basement of your mind, because then the regret will fester and become something ugly and corrosive.

Keep writing, my friends.

Mr Deadman