My 1963 Ford Galaxy and the Maniacs of Dearborn County by Gary L. Robbe

  A turbulent blue sky washed across his open dead eyes before I shut the trunk over his ugly assed face. This was the third one today, and there was plenty of room in the oversized trunk to accommodate  many more guests. Once a hundred years ago I smuggled eight friends and acquaintances into the Twin Drive-in, and there was still room for beer and … Continue reading My 1963 Ford Galaxy and the Maniacs of Dearborn County by Gary L. Robbe

Attention writers!

Write horror? Do you torture your characters for fun? Have a story so demented that no one will take it? Then consider Deadman’s Tome. Open to short stories of the horror genre and we pay. Published stories earn .10cent (USD) per view, like, and comment received. We ask for non-exclusive publishing rights. Multiple submissions okay. Payments handled via PayPal. Submit stories to Continue reading Attention writers!

Submissions and Payouts

Deadman’s Tome is calling for submissions. Have a short story? Working on a short story? Submit it and let Deadman’s Tome feature it on site. Featured stories earn money, too! Stories earn .10 per view, comment, and like for a year. I have a list of authors that are due for a payout, actually. Sometimes I get distracted, so don’t hesitate to remind me if … Continue reading Submissions and Payouts

Retardation Break Room

Words evolve over time. From the moment a word is conceptualized, it’s defined. Yet definitions change over time through every day application. Knowing what we know now. How words are used now, alters how we react when we see those same words used in historical context. Retardation does not mean what it means today, and how is that? Because words become redefined through application. Of … Continue reading Retardation Break Room