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Horror is anti-Safe Space!

Carson Winter agreed to do an early morning interview with Mr. Deadman to discuss his short story The Chasm Bridged. A work very much inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and Lovecraft, and as a consequence we talk about both iconic authors. We also discuss the importance of show VS tell and how important it is for writers to learn to craft […]

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Cthulhu Responsible For The Bible and 9/11!

The interview with horror writer Bob Freville not only lived up to the hype, but the exciting exchange proved educational! Listeners learned that Cthulhu was the mastermind behind the Holy Bible and 9/11. So, 9/11 Truthers can cool their jets. Bush and his overlord Dick Cheney are only guilty of doing the great ancient one’s bidding, and who can really […]

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Inky Beast – M.J. Nicholls

The featured horror short story can also be read in the Best of the Tome   Alan Barbrush, Chief Editor at Scalped Olives Publications, had always been accused of skulking around the office cynically. Yet today, his undying cynicism had reached such a huffy zenith, it was as though the weight of a lifetime’s misery had finally – after twenty […]

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The Boxer by Charles Gramlich

  The Boxer sits on his stool in the corner of the ring. He sits hunched, eyes closed. He can’t hear the crowd, though they must be near. All that his ears register is the rasp in his throat and the thunder-boom of his heart. The Boxer’s arms lie heavy across his legs, and the legs tremble from the weight. […]

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Pandora by Helen Mihajlovic

Pandora by Helen Mihajlovic   The ethereal song of the blackbird infuses an azure sky as Hephaestus plunges his hand into a tepid lake. He digs his fingers deeply into the wet soil removing handfuls of clay, pondering his undertaking: to create the first woman. He warms the clay in his hands, making it easy to mould. He shapes her […]

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Brutal Doom Realism Fails

Brutal Doom Realism Fails What does Deadman’s Tome and a video game like Brutal Doom have in common? Uh, sheer brutality and a death buffet? Sounds about right to me. New to the site? Deadman’s Tome is an online horror magazine that publishes horror and dark short stories and flash fiction, the darker the better. If you’re a writer and […]