The Statewide Thing – Joseph Rubas

The Statewide Thing – Joseph Rubas “Come on, Harv; you’re killing me.” Dave Birsk switched the phone to his left hand and switched on the lamp, filling the living room with soft, warm light. It was late, past nine, and he was tired. On the other end, Harvey, his brother, sighed. “I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t an emergency.” “Are you sure it can’t … Continue reading The Statewide Thing – Joseph Rubas

Hellfire Pass by L. L. Hill

  “More rice. Please.” Stafford added the courtesy word as a reluctant and unwarranted afterthought as he held his dented empty tin bowl towards Sergeant Anzai. The stench of old sweat, outhouses, machinery grease, dust, and wet jungle lay in an unnoticed pall over the prison camp. Lieutenant Stafford still covered his bald spot with his lank brown and greasy hair hand combed over. Unshaven, … Continue reading Hellfire Pass by L. L. Hill

Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors Lost but not forgotten, the ancient tome that madmen rambled about has finally been unearthed! Behold the Book of Horrors: Pages of flesh, bound by bone, contains passages inked in blood of murderous desires, demonic cultic practices, nagging old hags, and long forgotten ancient cities. And while the original document had a nasty habit of crippling and maiming the reader, you get the benefit … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors

Snoflower by L.K. Scott

Snoflower by L.K. Scott The mornings after Ben stayed out late, but arrived before the sun rose, he found Kristy still in bed asleep, or at least she pretended to be. She never slept so quiet, and after he awoke, there would only be enough coffee in the pot for her—never for him. That didn’t stop him from returning late and he never missed an opportunity … Continue reading Snoflower by L.K. Scott