Who’s the Better Vampire?

Who played the better vampire? You’re free to make this decision using any metric you want. If you want to judge base on strength, ability, or attractiveness then feel free to, but you’re not limited to that. Selene in Underworld   VS Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn Let us know in the comment section who you think did it better and why.   Continue reading Who’s the Better Vampire?

VILLIMEY MIST – Vampires, Blood, and Icelandic Life

  Villimey Mist, author of Nocturnal Blood, talks about vampires, blood, and icelandic life. The show is at an unusual time: Saturday morning at 5:30AM CST because Villimey Mist lives in Iceland.   About Nocturnal Blood: Anchorage, Alaska. A place where people don’t care if someone goes missing. A place where Leia Walker tries her hardest to hide from the world, wanting a normal life … Continue reading VILLIMEY MIST – Vampires, Blood, and Icelandic Life

What is Your Favorite Dracula?

Hey guys, what is your favorite Dracula and why? You can choose any depiction or version of Dracula. You could even choose Nosferatu or get very technical on the type of movie Dracula. So, which Dracula is your favorite? Is it the Bela Lugosi version or Christopher Lee version? Is it none of the film versions, but perhaps Dracula as depicted in Castlevania? What about … Continue reading What is Your Favorite Dracula?

Vampires VS The World – Vampire St Jude Charity

Donate by to St. Jude Children’s Research https://tiltify.com/@mrdeadmandt/deadmans-tome-vampires-vs-the-world/donate Ever wanted to speak with a real-life vampire? How about a vampire court? They say truth is stranger than fiction. Move over Anne Rice, Mr. Deadman and Becky are going to chat with a real-life vampire king. Questions will be prioritized based on donation amount. If you don’t donate, then your question will be saved to the … Continue reading Vampires VS The World – Vampire St Jude Charity

Horror Movies, Writing Styles, and Vampires

Mr. Deadman speaks with Clive Carpenter and Cain Miller about their stories, horror movies, inspiration, writing styles, and the cold feeling of rejection. Clive Carpenter is the author of Confession, a dark and demented tale of a world’s cruelest mother ever. Cain Miller is the author of Blithe Town, a horror short that serves as a reminder as to why you shouldn’t even dare drive … Continue reading Horror Movies, Writing Styles, and Vampires