Why Are Vampires So Cliche?

  It seems like some sort of cardinal rule that the modern vampire must be totally cliché. I understand that the vampire myth originated from 18th century Gothic Fiction, and that dark tones, macabre, and hints of romanticism are staples of the genre, but does that mean that 90’s goth teen attire is as well? Before I get carried away, let me stated that Dracula is exempt from … Continue reading  Why Are Vampires So Cliche?

The Vampire Nymph by Jim Lee

Join the Deadman’s Tome Fan Club In the traditional myths taught before the Revolution changed so much, Nymphs were minor Goddesses who manifested themselves in human form as lovely, innocent and above all unattainable maidens. So to my adoring eyes seemed Dominique Benoit! Cascades of soft brown hair framed a fair-complexioned face which showed a slight degree of north-south angularity—just sufficient, to my way of … Continue reading The Vampire Nymph by Jim Lee

Happy Anniversary by R. L. Schumacher

A soft breeze fluttered the curtains that hung on the open window. Legs tangled with silk sheets on the bed. Two lovers tied in passionate embrace in the darkness. Daria slinked on top. Her palms pushed down on Jake’s chest. He slid inside of her as she began to rock back and forth. The bed creaked in protest of their efforts. He looked up at … Continue reading Happy Anniversary by R. L. Schumacher

It Bleeds But Cannot Die

Through fringe medical science, a cadaver is resurrected and tossed out into the streets. Known simply as The Bleeder, the monstrosity of rot and devious engineering lumbers in the shadows with a never-ending hunger for blood. This mechanized zombie, vampire, and Frankenstein hybrid takes the lives of thousands, while police struggle to deal with the insane carnage. Being half flesh and half machine, can the … Continue reading It Bleeds But Cannot Die

Self-identity and Fiction

The vampire. A creature of the night that embodies charisma, strength, and control. Attributes that most either aspire for, or long to be the subject of. The curse of being abandoned, exiled, and forgotten may even seem trivial when fear and power are weighted in. In short, the vampire is characterized in such a way to bring out admiration, desire, and fantasy. So, is it … Continue reading Self-identity and Fiction