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Horror Match-up: Chucky VS Trump

Talk around town is that there is a killer doll rampaging through the ghettos of Detroit. Rumor has it that the doll intends to make his way to the White House to put his soul into the president of the United States, but how does he get there, and what would Trump do as reports of his approach comes in?


Chucky VS Donald J Trump:

Write a quick piece about how this showdown happens, and the best ones will be read on the Deadman’s Tome podcast!



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The Appointment by Philip W. Kleaver Read by Mr. Deadman

featured in the Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse issue, The Appointment is a short story that both parties could enjoy. Whether you’re pro Trump or anti Trump, I think we can agree that there needs to be elect who represents us, especially in congress. The Appointment has a great idea, and while it may not fix anything, it would at least make a real blood sport out of the whole thing.

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MOST SHOCKING MURDERS of 2018 and Goggle Sexual Harassment

Learn about the Most SHocking Murders of 2018 and of Google’s underground sex brothel. Apparently, Google was too busy virtue signaling with #metoo and Trump bashing to realize that they have plenty of wolves within their walls. Wolves that were doing a whole lot of ass grabbing and Bill Clinton like things.


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Why Get Political?

Some publishers say they want nothing to do with Trump supporters and republicans because they’re racist, sexists, and other labels when they don’t even know the individuals. They’re generalizing and operating on a prejudice based on stereotypes. That’s bigotry, right?  Sure, the publishers are free to discriminate on political leanings, but is that even a smart idea? Is that a good idea? Why politicize what does not need to be politicize?

I have worked with a lot of authors. I’ve also spoken with a lot of the authors I worked with through the podcast. I’ve spoken with conservative leaning guests, liberal minded guests, progressive types, and feminists. We do not agree on everything, and nor would I ever expect that. But I tell you what I’m not going to do. I’m not going to just dismiss them because of a difference in opinion. The best proof of this is the chemistry between Marchese and myself.

For those that listened to the Deadman’s Tome podcast regularly, you might have noticed episodes where Marchese and I really dig into a topic, seem almost divisive. Now, sometimes it’s played up and I think listeners can tell, but other times it’s real. For example, the Walking Dead discussion was played up, whereas the idea that traditional publishers are THE gatekeepers of quality was not. Has Marchese been to a book store lately? There’s drivel everywhere and guess who published it?

Even though Marchese and I go at it and have different opinions, I’m not going to just kick him off the show. I embrace the dynamic. I enjoy the back and forth. It builds perspective.

There have been times where political topics come up and we’ve made jokes about Trump, Hillary, and whatever, but that’s to have fun with the material. Why? Because politics without a humorous filter is way too depressing. Besides, Deadman’s Tome isn’t about politics, it’s about entertainment. That’s why Deadman’s Tome doesn’t discriminate against republicans, liberals, progressives, or whatever. We don’t care what you’re leaning is.

Is that wrong?


Listen to the Deadman’s Tome podcast

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Donald Trump Drinks Diet Coke, So What?

It seems that there are only three things that interest mainstream media these days: sexual allegations, Russia and everything related to Trump. News outlets are obsessed with the President, stalking him like a goddamn creeper, reporting on every little minuet detail. These news outlets talk about him so much you would think they ogle him like teenage girls ogle those boy bands. Love him or hate him, the constant coverage is only feeding him attention. But it’s much worse than that. When you have reporters following and reporting the sort of soda the man drinks, then you have unhealthy levels of obsession. You have paparazzi to report on every trivial thing.

Let me stress something. I don’t give a fuck what the president drinks. I don’t give a fuck if he drinks Diet Coke, regular Coke, Pepsi, or straight-up rhino piss. I don’t give a flying fuck at all. How is his soda of choice fucking news? How is the unhealthy habits of President Trump remotely news worthy? Next, CNN will report that Trump scratches his ass, maybe even gives the ole crack check to make sure he wiped good enough. NBC may even come out with a ground breaking report on Trumps choice of doughnut, or his preference in steak. Wait, I believe CNN already covered that. Well-done, which is just awful.

This is part of the reason why hardly anyone takes mainstream media serious.

What are your thoughts?


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What The Fuck, Trumpocalypse!


New 6 x 9 Print Edition


Trumpocalypse is no available in a 6 x 9 format that is easier to take around and read on the go! It’s insane that Mr. Deadman would work on a Sunday, Superbowl Sunday, instead of sitting on the couch and increasing the amount of shame and self-loathing he’ll feel tomorrow by consuming a mass amount of chips and guzzling beer like he’s in a fraternity.



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Is Trump the Second Coming of Christ

My wife saw this on her Facebook feed and she was like the person that posted this Trump\Jesus meme is an absolute idiot. My wife isn’t the sort to really give a damn what people post. But I have to agree, this meme has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. 

During Barack Obama’s inauguration, religious groups gave him, his family, and America their blessing. The Trump inauguration was no different. If you think for a second that America had abandoned Jesus and religious influence, then you’re an idiot. 

More importantly, Trump becoming president is not a symbolic gesture of Christ returning to the Whitehouse. It might mark the beginning of the end or the dawn of a political shakeup, but the orange idiot of a president is not the second coming of Christ! Anyone that believes that is fully mental and should be locked up. 

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Trumpocalypse Reading Tonight


Trumpocalypse reading tonight at 10PM CST. It will be a much better and much more entertaining show than the boring Trump inauguration. Open to calls via Skype using Watch live tonight using

You can watch the live stream on Facebook using this link:


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Trump Inauguration Special!

It’s practically free


To commemorate Donald Trump’s inauguration and the dawn of the incoming disaster known as the Trump administration, Deadman’s Tome is offering a huge discount on Trumpocalypse! Don’t bemoan my conservative friends, even if you voted for Trump you must admit that his cabinet selections are a disaster, a complete unmitigated disaster. But what’s not a disaster is the huge discount on Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse.

Don’t like Trump? Great, then this assortment of dark Trump satire is for you. Don’t like politics? Well, let me tell you that The Appointment, a story about politicians fighting to the death for positions, might just be your cup of tea. Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse is available for Amazon Kindle, kindleunlimited, and Kindle ready devices (smart phones and tablets) for $4.99. But if you hurry, you can get a copy for as low as .99c!

The Donald Trump inauguration special will run all weekend, but those that act fast will be able to take advantage of the countdown discount of 80%. I’m practically giving it away!