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Conversation with Russell

Russell and Mr. Deadman talk about his literary work, sociology, and horror. Catch the show live this Friday at 9:30CST


Russell has been writing for the majority of his life. Last year, he published a second edition of his freshman novel, The Tale of Old Man Fischer. Slipping into alternative universes allows Russell to enjoy the process of creativity from the novel’s conception to its final draft.




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Real American Horror Top 10!

Critters Preditors & Editors ran a poll for best anthology, and Deadman’s Tome’s Real American Horror was selected to compete. Real American Horror went up against Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts by J. Ellington Ashton Press (is that  a Sega Genesis reference?), Sex, Gore, & Millipedes by Dragon Roost Press, Depraved Desires by Hellbound Books, and many others.

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Though Real American Horror didn’t land first, the grim collection of gritty horror fought its way up and maintained ground long enough to secure placement in  the top 10! I still can’t believe it. This particular anthology has a rougher and darker tone than the The Ancient Ones and Monsters Exist. The idea was to select stories that capture the underlying horrors in America, the real struggles that mainstream news hardly covers. Let me put it this way:  torture in the name of Jesus, psychotic gun violence, and zika virus… and moonshine, plenty of moonshine.