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September 2018 Meat Grinder Contestants

The all female August 2018 Meat Grinder proved to be relentless. Amy Grech and Renee Miller were neck and neck, but Renee encouraged people to leave comments, which paved a smooth road to victory. Let that be a lesson for you. It’s not enough to share, you need to motivate people to leave a comment, even a discussion.

Enough of August, it’s September and it’s time to bring in the new challengers!

Ray Prew enters the ring with The Feast of Beltane

Clark Roberts enters the ring with Craftsmanship for Food

Luke Peace brings Walnut Street to the fray


James S. Malheiros enters One Night in 1988


The story that receives the most views, likes, and comments wins $50 (minus Paypal fee).

Contestants can share as much as possible, can encourage and motivate in a number of ways.

Stories that receive consistent negative comments (3 in a row) will be eliminated.

Stories could be eliminated due to judge discretion for fraudulent or suspicious activity such as view boosting or buying comments.