Of Diamond Tongues and Seaside Tourism – Carson Winter

Enhance your coffee today   They got on separately, at different stops. The first snuffed a cigarette on a lamp post and entered wordlessly while flashing a monthly pass to the driver. He was a bit past middle-aged and wore it more obviously than most. He dressed himself as an icon of a bygone age; torn and dusty and almost entirely in blue denim; jean … Continue reading Of Diamond Tongues and Seaside Tourism – Carson Winter

Brutal Doom Realism Fails

Brutal Doom Realism Fails What does Deadman’s Tome and a video game like Brutal Doom have in common? Uh, sheer brutality and a death buffet? Sounds about right to me. New to the site? Deadman’s Tome is an online horror magazine that publishes horror and dark short stories and flash fiction, the darker the better. If you’re a writer and have the most controversial story … Continue reading Brutal Doom Realism Fails