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Murder Suicides

Murders, suicides, and brutal savagery claims more lives than you may think. With over hundreds of thousands of lives claimed every year, its an indisputable fact that it’s not uncommon for heated arguments to lead to heated death. While this is not just an American thing, it’s a very real horror, a very real reality that permeates American society.

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While most fiction create fictitious worlds to distract from the brutal reality, Real American Horror dares to do the opposite. Deadman’s Tome Real American Horror dares to explore the dark underbelly of American lives. Every story is based on real life events, based on truths that are much more horrific than anything you could make up. Crib-side murder suicides, Zika viruses, torture, abduction, and meth addicts. This grim anthology paints a very bleak, but very important image.

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The Hidden Pain

A brilliant actor that enlightened as much as he entertained. Robin Williams touch all of our hearts through classics. Though not all his films were on equal standing, they all benefited from his on-screen presence. Hook.

He had a smile, comedic voice, and an energy that found light in the darkest of subjects. Patch Adams.

His dramatic roles. Robin Williams possessed eyes of pure, potent empathy. He characterized emotions well, effectively communicating through the screen the pain, misery, heartache, and hope. Jack.

But behind every smile was a level of pain and hurt that he kept from the world. Behind every frown, and every cry, was a moment of truth of the battle he faced on a daily basis. Robin Williams hid his struggle from the world well, but in the end, it left us with a reminder of how real and tragic clinical depression is.