They Want These BANNED!

With depictions of extreme graphic violence, moments of  sexual assault, and horror targeted towards children, I was worried about what would happen when Deadman’s Tome published Inappropriate Literature. The SJW Puritan police have come after me before — follow me on Twitter @mrdeadmandt if you don’t believe me — back when Deadman’s Tome published Psycho Holiday. Why was #cancelculture after me? Because I used the word … Continue reading They Want These BANNED!

Racist Halloween Costumes You Shouldn’t Wear

Mr. Deadman and Becky look at a list of racist Halloween costumes you should not wear because it could offend someone. You will not believe that they don’t want you to wear. Surprise that Pirates and Witches aren’t on the list. SJW say you can’t wear these racist Halloween costumes, but what’s wrong with a black guy dressing up as a zombie Grand Wizard?   Continue reading Racist Halloween Costumes You Shouldn’t Wear