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The Other White Meat – R. K. Gemienhardt


Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone!

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DISCLAIMER: Deadman’s Tome is a dark and gritty horror zine that publishes content not suitable for children. The horror zine proudly supports the freedom of dark creative works and stands against censorship. Hardly any subject matter is too taboo for this horror zine. As a result, Deadman’s Tome may feature content your mother would not approve of. But she doesn’t control your life, right?

The Other White Meat – R. K. Gemienhardt


    Tammy sat at the kitchen table staring down at the engagement ring on her finger, nervously twisting it back and forth, anything to avoid giving her boyfriend the answer he was waiting for.

    “C’mon, you said you would do anything for me,” Bob urged.

    “I know I did, honey…” Tammy paused to collect her thoughts before continuing. “It’s just that… why have I never heard of this before?”

    “It’s something new here in the States, but it’s huge over in Japan,” Bob lied, knowing he was close to getting her into the oven.

    “I don’t know, it just sounds so dangerous,” Tammy wavered.

    Bob scooted his chair over next to Tammy, putting his arm around her shoulder. She instinctively rested her head on his chest. He gently stroked her hair as he whispered into her ear, “Do you really think I would ask you to do this if I didn’t think it was safe? I’ll be right on the other side of the door.”

    “I’m not sure,” Tammy said, lifting her head from his chest to look him in the eye. “What difference does it make if I agree to it? There’s no way I could fit inside an oven anyway”.

    Bob stood and walked across the kitchen extending his arms out like a game show host. “Maybe a regular sized oven, but as you can see here this is an industrial grade oven. Take the top racks out you’ll be able to fit inside comfortably. I got in there myself this morning just to make sure.”

    Tammy stared at the oven, really seeing it for the first time. “Why do you have an industrial grade oven anyway? In all the time I’ve known you I’ve never seen you cook a damn thing,” Tammy paused, tears filling her eyes. “Oh my God, you got this oven just for this kink. How many other girls have you done this with?”

    Bob stuck his hands out in a placating gesture. “Calm down, I’ve never done this before. I just read about it online a couple of days ago and thought it would be fun. And the oven is from my dad’s restaurant. He gave it to me when he upgraded his appliances. You know that.”

    “I know, you’re right,” Tammy sighed, a mischievous grin slowly appearing on her face as she peeled off her clothes.

    “I can’t believe I’m letting you talk me into this,” Tammy said, as Bob guided her towards the oven before she changed her mind.

    Tammy let out a nervous giggle as she climbed into the oven. She reached her arm out to prevent Bob from shutting the door. “You’re going to let me out of here immediately when I bang on the door, right?” Tammy asked.

    “Absolutely,” Bob replied. “I’ll be right on the other side watching through the glass. This is going to be so hot.” He paused for a second then winked, “no pun intended.”

    Tammy pulled her arm back into the oven and Bob shut the door. Tammy summoned up her courage and gave her fiancé a thumbs up. Bob turned the temperature gauge to 250 degrees and pressed his face to the glass.

    Beads of sweat instantly broke out all over Tammy’s body. Her heart raced as the oven racks blistered the skin on her butt and soles of her feet. Tammy imagined the heat would be gradual, something akin to a sauna. She wasn’t prepared for the reality of the situation and began to hyperventilate, frantically banging on the interior of the oven door. Bob was true to his word and quickly opened the door and pulled her out. He carried her across the kitchen and laid her down on the table. He immediately placed his face between her legs and began to lick her pussy juices mixed with the salty sweat from her time in the oven. Tammy’s body trembled as orgasms racked her body one after another, each one more intense than the last.     


    Bob turned off the oven and carried his spent girlfriend to the bedroom. He applied soothing lotion to her burns and cuddled up next to her as they both drifted off to sleep.

    Bob awoke the next morning to find Tammy’s side of the bed empty. He cursed himself for pushing her into it too soon. Then he noticed a note on the nightstand that read; Last night was amazing. I want to do it again tonight. Love Tammy.    


    Bob couldn’t concentrate at work. He was torn. It was a huge turn on that she would do that for him and she obviously enjoyed it. He just couldn’t help feeling unfulfilled. He tried to push it to the back of his mind as he struggled through the work day.


    Bob walked into his apartment to find rose petals scattered on the floor leading from the front door all the way down the hall. He followed the trail into the kitchen to find that they led to the oven door. Tammy was already naked and waiting inside.

    Bob knelt in front of the glass door. Tears suddenly welling in his eyes and trickling down his cheeks, “You were right, I have done this before. I actually thought it would be different with you because I love you so much. I really did. I was hoping I could be content just drinking you. But I’ve been thinking about it all day and it just isn’t enough for me,” Bob said, as he engaged the lock on the oven door and set it to broil. Tammy’s screams echoed off the oven walls as she pounded on the door. Bob placed his face up to the glass and said “I’m sorry, but you know what they say; a man’s gotta eat.”



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Turbo Slut 5K: Eat Shit and Die

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He showered her with tender kisses up and down her body. “Your skin,” he said, softly. “Why does it taste so good. It’s like I can’t get enough of it.” Flesh, creamy and smooth like dulce de leche, seemed to pour out from a tight black strapless shirt that squeezed her flesh melons. Her exposed neck, shoulders, and arms smelt of sweet oils.

“That’s Loca’s secret.” Gentle words saturated with a heavy dose of sex escaped from her black lips.

“I can’t get enough.” His hands roamed the her gracious curves as his lips savoured the taste of her skin. “I’ve had my share of latina sex bots, and none of them come close to this.”

“That’s because I’m one of a kind,” she whispered into his ear. Her arms wrapped around him. Her forehead met with his. Her blonde bangs wet with his sweat. Her short black hair draped around her face. Her hands traveled the landscape of his back. Long black nails dug into his flesh. Blood bubbled out from the incision.

“You’re into that kinky stuff,” he said, watching as she licked the blood off her nails.

“You have no idea.” Her eyes widened. She pulled him closer to her as she backed up onto the bed. She smiled and dimples formed on her supple cheeks. She pressed her nails deeper into his skin, fingertips absorbing the blood.

“You want it rough, don’t you?” He pulled away from his mistress and unfastened his belt.

Loca rolled onto her stomach and presented him a full display of a round plump ass wrapped tightly in jean shorts. She shed the shorts like a snake sheds skin, folding the light blue denim slowly as if a long and difficult process. Freed from the skin-tight restraints, a bleached cycloptic eye stared at him, begging for his cock with a puckering sphincter.

“Don’t be shy. Give it a taste,” she said, shooting him a smile as she bit her lip. An LED flickered just behind her ear.

Rough lips cupped around her shit hole. A wet tongue trailed up and down and all around, moistening the hairless flesh. He moaned, savoring the taste, and his hungry tongue wedged inside for a dip of chocolate gold.

“Sweet Jesus. You have an ass that tastes like chocolate.” He licked his lips. Her tight asshole dilated as if inviting him for another taste.

“Eat that shit. You dirty gringo.” She clinched. Her sphincter widened, and she served him a fresh load of lead. A hole blasted out from the back of his head. Thick blood and brain matter splattered on the cheap wallpaper like chunky cranberry jam.

His body collapsed.

She sat on her knees, face down on the bed, while smoke breathed from her blood splattered ass. She rolled on the her back and pressed the flesh behind her ear.

“Why weren’t you answering.” Momma’s harmonic tones frantic and rough.

“Geez, Momma. I was with a client,” said Loca as she sat up on the bed. “What’s up?”

“Has anyone been following you?”

“Other than the usual suspects, no.” Loca shifted her legs to dangle off the side of the bed. She slid her feet into leather knee-high high heel boots. “Should I be expecting someone?”

“I received Intel that a hit has been out put in you.”

“You’re kidding.” Loca’s boots auto-laced while she sat waiting for the story to become worth her time.

“Lotus was just attacked by one of El Jefe’s goons,” Momma informed.

Loca walked over to the bloody heap, and reached into the back pocket of his jeans. “I know Lotus can handle herself, but what would El Jefe want with me?”

“The bounty on your head, dear,” Momma exclaimed.

“El Jefe is a fucking joke.” Loca fumbled through the contents of his wallet. “Momma, unless you got something important to tell me, I’m heading back out for another score. I’m not busting my ass for five dollars and a rubber.”

“A fucking joke doesn’t put up five billion dollars as an award.”

Loca crouched low to the sound of footsteps. She scanned for heat registers, and noticed two bodies behind the door. “On my ass he does,” she whispered.

She clinched her right fist and three slender titanium barrels emerged from a small compartment on her wrist. A series of whispers sliced through the air, while a rain of bullets pierced through the wooden door. The barrels sizzled. The men cried in agony. Altogether, it was music to her ears.

“I just laid out two motherfuckers,” said Loca, as she scanned the hall from her position for additional unexpected guests. “And if they want to send more, they better come with body bags.”

“Don’t get cocky,” said Momma. “Wait for Lotus. It’s too dangerous to go alone.”

“Fuck that,” said Loca. She bolted towards the door and delivered a shoulder that busted through the door. She checked the hall with her triple barrels raised and quickly went for the bodies. Two males, white, bearded, matching face tats, and dressed in sleazy suits. One had a cybernetic eye. “Too dangerous?” She poked her fingers into empty pockets, while feeling around a bloody body for something precious. “Momma, I’m a big girl now. I can take care of myself.”

Chirping circuitry caught Loca’s attention. Her reflection centered on the red lens of a cybernetic eye. She fired a stream of bullets, but the thug jumped from off the floor. His foot crashed into her face, and she whirled to the floor.

“You should’ve listened to Momma,” he said, though a distorted voice box.

Arms wrapped around her. Arms from the other thug that had just been on the floor. Arms that wrapped around like tentacles and squeezed her arms against her torso like a Kraken.

“Your face is precious,” said the cyber thug one, as his eye blinded her with a sudden flash. “It’s a memory worth capturing, don’t you think?” He hands her a small square. Her bloody face snarled back at her on a glossy photo.

“Go to hell,” she fires back with a load of spit.

“Hell?” He pulls out a small cloth, folded it, and wiped his face. “Baby doll, the only one going to Hell is you. But I need to know something first. Do you feel this?” He yanked on a silver loop earring, tearing loose through a lobe of flesh.

Loca seethed and shot back at him with rageful eyes.

“I take it as a yes,” he said, as he examined her. “Sex dolls don’t normally come equipped with pain sensors.” He prodded at her breasts, feeling around the nipples. “You’re a higher model, for sure. Just as your profile read, but not the type that would be equipped with pain modules. No. That was a choice you made.”

“Smart ass. Thinks he knows everything. Put me down!” Her voice thick in Latina sauce. Her nipples projected about an inch, stressing the thin fabric of her tight shirt.

With swift fingers, he grazed the top of her breasts. Two slim chambers opened, exposing flashing and churning circuitry. “So predictable.”

“How did you…” Her eyes widened, pupils dilated.

He wiped the cloth over a cut on her cheek. “We’ve been watching you. You and your rogue sex doll friends.”

“You don’t know shit!” She tried to wiggle out from the silent thug’s arms.

“Shhh,” said the cybernetic eye wearing motherfucker, as he directed her chin with a finger. “Such a strange abnormality. This latina flavored sex machine can actually produce tears. Let’s see how much it takes to break her.”

“Fuck you,” said Loca, as the man behind her raised her into the air. She kicked about desperately, but it was too late. Her world flipped upside down just before crashing head first into the ground.

Her vision flickered for a moment. Static cleared from her peripherals.

She kicked again, pounding her bladed heels against flesh that felt like stone. She was freed, and fell on her stomach. She pushed herself off the ground, but a sudden jab of pressure sent her back down.

“Give her ribs a good kick or two. Let’s find out if this sex machine is more human than machine.”

The mute brute picked Loca up from the ground like a small bag of luggage and sent her flying. She slammed into the wall, cracking the surface, shattering nearby light fixtures. Loca coughed up blood as she struggled to get on her knees.

“Internal bleeding,” questioned the observer. “She’s an interesting target indeed. The augmentation must have cost you a fortune.”

Loca extended her arm out from under her. Triple barrels aimed to shred the fucker, when a heavy boot stomped on her hand.

“She must be Momma’s bottom bitch.” The man chuckled like a giddy school girl. “We could get a lot more from Momma, if Momma really cares about her precious girls.”

An explosion erupted on the mute brute’s chest with a bright and fiery flash, knocking him square on his ass, while the walls and ground splintered and shook around him. Another explosion smashed through the walls, scorched the carpet, and shattered the cybernetic fucker’s confidence.

The smoke cleared. A triple-D blonde diva with thick thighs and a big ass clad in an ultra American patriot bikini and thong topped with a cowboy hat stood. Smoke emitted from the heavy barrels extended from both wrist. Revolver chambers rotated and prepped for another explosive delivery.

“Y’all forgot to invite Alexis to this showdown.” Her words echoed throughout the crumbled hall with a touch of that good ole southern comfort twang.

The suit with cycloptic eye dusted himself off, and helped his silent assistant up.

“I got two grenades locked and loaded y’all motherfuckers. So, you best be heading home,” said Alexis, as she raised her arms to adjust the trajectory.

“Didn’t expect you so soon,” said the thug. “Tell Momma, her days are numbered.” He turned and walked away, while his twin followed.

“Wait for me.” Lotus rushed from the shadows to Alexis’ side. “What I miss?” She soaked in the destructive aftermath. “Fuck, I missed one Hell of a party.”

“Looks like we made it just in time,” said Alexis, as her massive grenade lobbing wrist revolvers folded inward into her hands.

“Holy Fuck!” Lotus raced over to Loca’s down and battered body. Deep bruising along her ribs, a gash on the side of her face, a cut on her forehead, and the bones in her hand fractured. “Loca! Loca, wake up.” Lotus felt for her friend, brought her close to her, and wiped where tears would’ve formed.

“She’s alive, sugah.” Alexis place a comforting hand on Lotus’s shoulder. “But she won’t be for long. We gotta bring her back to Momma.”


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Savage Streets – Quick Review

Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone!

Available on Kindle


Savage Streets – Quick Review

Savage Streets, starring Linda Blair (known for playing the possessed girl in The Exorcist) and a whole slew of beautiful women with perky breasts, killer thighs, and an attitude to match, is a brutal tale of revenge in a city were eye for an eye is the only way to live.

A 1984 revenge-exploitation film without the cringe of an typical 80’s exploitation film. The cast delivers their performance and from the get-go the plot moves along without a lot of fluff and bullshit. A group of girls mess with a ruthless gang and as a result the gang systematically harasses, rapes, and murders to the point to where Linda Blair has to take matters into her own hands!

The film delivers on the tit-factor as well. Within minutes of the film, busty white tits bust out from skin tight pink shirts. Not your thing? Then, stick around for the building tension. The film does a great job really driving the viewer to HATE – absolutely HATE, the gang of thugs.

There is one scene that is probably too intense for some, but you’ve got to see it for yourself.


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Horror Rio Olympics 2016 – Best Sex

HORRGASM – Featuring six titillating tales, this anthology delivers a chilling blend of provocative horror.

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Banner Olympics 2016

Horror Rio Olympics 2016 – Best Sex

The chilling and terrifying nature of horror and the allure of sex go together perfectly like whip cream and flesh, like leather and chains, like a wet pussy and a hungry tongue. Deadman’s Tome has featured several very perverse horror shorts and in this category: Sex ToyTouch Me, I’m SickThe Woman in Red, DOSE and Caught in the Act


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Turbo Slut 5K

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Turbo Slut 5K

Turbo Slut 5K is an ultra-violent, hyper-sexualized, and brutally offensive tale of sizzling lust, savage revenge, and the triumph over some ruthless misogynistic scum told in six exciting chapters! Set in a dark and gritty cyberpunk dystopia, three SexBots defy their programming and acquire a notorious reputation that earns them a hefty bounty of fifteen billion dollars! With such a price on their heads, the three voluptuous sex machines have little to no choice but to fight and bang for survival!

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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Commentary


A day ago, I stumble upon a little B-movie horror called Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. The title instantly grabbed my curiosity. I mean, who wouldn’t be curious to just how bad this slaughter fest could actually be, right? Well, if you have read my review of this cheese fest, then you’ll know that it is actually not as bad, thought extremely awful in it areas that still allow it to be enjoyable for the laughs (lulz for the younger generation). But some might be afraid to venture down this horror alone, and that’s where I come in.

The first part of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers with Mr. Deadman’s Commentary. Is this within fair use? Expect the nudity, the all to frequent scenes of beautiful breasts, to be censored.

Second part of this hilarious and yet hideous master piece of chainsaw worshiping sexy ladies of the night. You NEED to watch the virgin dance of the double chainsaws to really have lived!

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Deadman’s Tome is a small, but rapidly growing online horror magazine that went from two-thousand views in 2015 to six-thousand views in 2016. The site grows in response to two things: consistent delivery of content and a strong focus on community engagement. Deadman’s Tome offers writers a unique way to earn revenue from their stories. Instead of offering a fixed rate or a rate based on the number of words, I pay based on the number of views, likes, and comments received. As you could expect, writers have reacted favorably by submitting waves of submissions, and the stories are spreading out like AIDS in the 80’s. With a consistent submission pool, Deadman’s Tome is able to publish original, demented, thought-provoking, and often gory horror shorts almost daily!

-Mr. Deadman