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Why Readers Love Final Contact

Star Trek Discovery attempts to emulate that classic with a heavy blend of new, and fans seem conflicted. Is it too little too late? Or is it better late than never? Star Trek fans may hate it when I say, I’m glad they’re not just recycling the old. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired on these reboots and “soft” reboots. Name a sci-fi film from the 80’s and it probably had a reboot, and the chances are great that the reboot offered little to nothing to the franchise. The time for straying from the tried and true is long overdue, in my opinion. What do you think?

That’s one reason why I think people are enjoying Deadman’s Tome Final Contact. The blend of horror and sci-fi offers stories that delve into the psychological, into the unknown, and examine unique ways to tell the experience of that first and fatal contact with otherworldly beings. Common sci-fi tropes of death in space, intergalactic space combat, parallel universes, and aliens are abound, true, but each author offers a unique and interesting way of using them.

Don’t take my word for it. Readers are giving this issue a lot of love.

Donna Weiss gave a 5 star review stating:

So this is an anthology of short Sci-Fi stories that are pretty dang creepy. As the book summary says the stories warn of the consequences of bold exploration, exploitative mining, venturing too far, and contact with foreign entities. And first contact is NOTHING like E.T. in these stories. I really had fun reading them, of course some I enjoyed more than others, but overall this book was a lot of creepy, sci-fi fun!

I’ll mention a few of my favorites, I guess. Here’s my very favorites:

A Slow Death by James ‘Grim’ Desborough

Dancers in the Darkness by Eric S Brown

A Layer Hidden by Candace Robinson – This was my very favorite of all, loved it!!!

The Octopus In The Corner of the Room by Madeleine Swann

These are my very favorites, but I enjoyed reading them all. They were some freaky fun!!!

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Deadman’s Tome has offered horror with different flavors with Krampus Christmas, No Safe Word, and The Ancient Ones, but Final Contact was our first sci-fi venture, and honestly, I was worried about that. While I enjoy sci-fi, I am far from engrossed in the genre than horror. But perhaps that worked in my favor here. I screened the selection looking for stories of dread, despair, and a foreboding sense of unease. I didn’t question the technical jargon in some of the stories or get hung up on the physics in another. I simply wanted stories that were entertaining.



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Final Contact

Humanity has been looking at the stars since the dawn of time.

Is there something out there?

The question drives us. We broadcast signals, cast probes, and launch drones searching for an answer, and we probably come off as desperate attention seekers. What if they’ve heard and chose to ignore us, but we’ve kept pestering? What if they’ve been far from us and difficult to find for a reason? What if the first contact is our last?

Deadman’s Tome presents Final Contact

Featuring Eric S Brown, James Grim Desborough, David Hoenig, Brian Malachy Quinn, Candace Robinson, Madeleine Swann, DJ Tyrer, and Kristofer Velasquez!


Available for Deadman’s Tome patrons 

Available for Amazon Kindle

Will be available at most eBook retailers, soon.

Print copy coming soon



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Call for Submissions

Calling for submissions for the Deadman’s Tome September issue. The theme? Let’s go deep into the realm of sci-fi horror. Let’s explore the claustrophobic corridors of abandoned space ships, the fragmented ruins of distant worlds, and the demonic horrors that watch us from afar!

Theme: Dark horror sci-fi. Gore and adult subject matter welcomed

Word limit: 5k

Payment: Royalties 60% of net earning split evenly amongst the authors

End date: August 6th, 2017

Send to with SCIFI HORROR in subject.