Best Horror of the Year Nominee?

Nicole Tanquary, author of Cheshire (a horror short featured in Campfire Tales), is rumored to be considered for Ellen Datlow Best Horror of the Year! Ellen has been editing science fiction and horror for over thirty-five years and has seen everything from the worst to the very best. If this is true, then we’re honored. Enjoy a sample of Cheshire Cheshire Jocee’s fingers curled in on … Continue reading Best Horror of the Year Nominee?

Tom’s Thumbs – K. M. Campbell

  TOM’S THUMBS – K. M. Campbell While the old couple slept Malakai the demon eyed them in the dark. They disgusted him and were perfect for his needs. 3000 years of servitude was over and he was free of this half-life. He was ready to return to the full world and no one was left to stop him. He had outlived all his hated … Continue reading Tom’s Thumbs – K. M. Campbell

Cry Baby – Al Edwards

Cry Baby Al Edwards The baby’s cries echoed through the empty house. No soft furnishings to muffle the ear piercing sound. Everything was still in boxes. Peter had been called away on business. “But we’ve just moved in,” I told him. “Can’t we at least spend the first night together?” “You know I have to go, honey,” he said. “It’s because of these nights away, … Continue reading Cry Baby – Al Edwards

Plimpton – Matt Scott

“You know,” Plimpton said walking around the large rectangular wooden table, “I once knew a guy who kept his wife’s heart in the freezer next to two pieces of cake that they saved from their wedding. It was white with almond frosting- the cake, not his wife’s heart. Nope, he kept that in a small black index card box, lined in yellow velvet. Really made … Continue reading Plimpton – Matt Scott

There – David J. Wing

  Looking out from the rural track, a single tree sat in the near centre of the field, bathed in sun and stretching a small shadow down across the scorched grass. Daisies populated frequently throughout and a light breeze deceived the passer-by into thinking the day was less warm than a British Summer should be. The boys left their bikes by the stone wall partitioning … Continue reading There – David J. Wing

Weekly Dose of Unadulterated Horror

Horror zines are a dime a dozen, really. Why? Because it really doesn’t take much to start a blow, site, or a bare bones platform to feature and promote indie horror. But what makes Deadman’s Tome so different? Deadman’s Tome is a site dedicated to horror fiction (short stories, flash fiction, and poems) with a stance that there is no subject that is too taboo … Continue reading Weekly Dose of Unadulterated Horror

Book of Horrors II

  Fans of horror, of good scary horror, will be excited to hear that another dose of unrelenting terror is heading their way! Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors II contains ten scary stories, horrifying tales, demented prose of fading sanity, and is set to release October 1st! The anthology includes the following authors: Blackmouth by S. Alessandro Martinez  The Valley of Sex by Joseph Rubas … Continue reading Book of Horrors II