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What is Existential Fiction?

Meet existential horror writer S. E. Casey, author of Last Meal of Adonis and Downward God. S. E. Casey has been writing for only two years, but reading Last Meal of Adonis may leave you wonder if he’s either bluffing or just a fast developer. The indie writer talks about existential fiction and dares to answer the question What is Existential fiction? Such a simple question with a massive and complex answer.

Check out the post-show where Deadman’s Podcast gets a bit political. With the horror show that is the presidential election coming to a close, we’ve got to spend at least an hour talking about it, right? This is a site dedicated to scary stories and demented horror, and whether you’re for Hillary or for Trump, you have to admit that either way America and the world at large is fucked.



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Raunchy Interview and Month of Horror Winner Announcement!


Interview with Marc Shapiro where we talk about his horror short entitled DOSE about a dick that just won’t quit. Marc and Mr. Deadman talk about the difference between horror and erotica, Trump, and celebrity stuff.



Month of horror writing contest winner announcement and reading.

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[Politics] Will The Real Horror Please Stand Up




When you’re asked to compare Donald Trump and horror, you damned well better be qualified to do both. I am.

My book Trump This! The Life And Times Of Donald Trump (Riverdale Avenue Books) is not just a biast gasbag of a political tome.  I wasn’t going to make it easy on readers. I just presented the facts and nothing but the facts. The real horror will come when you enter the voting booth come November and decide whether or not to mark your X for The Donald.

As to the horror aspect. I was a journalist for Fangoria Magazine for the better part of two plus decades and, in the process, learned from some of the great horror minds what made good scares. And what literally pulls the wool over people’s eyes. Which has ultimately led me to the following conclusion…

Donald Trump is not the monster. He’s not Jason, Freddy, Pinhead or Frankenstein. What he is, quite simply, is the manifestation of some very real zombies who follow him like lap dogs, cheer and boo on command and basically see in their psychological political creation, the justification of every uneducated stereotype, blind, rascist attitude and the willingness to believe anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth without, for a nano second, even stopping to consider that he might be full of shit.  

Yes the monster is you. And with less than 70 days before the election that will decide who will lead this country for the next four years, it is already too late. The monster is loose and out of control. Or, more succinctly, those who created him and now control him are thumping their chests and preparing for the apocalypse. The dark forces of human nature are abroad in the land and anyway you look at it things are looking mighty black.

Stopping to think that your personal and professional failures might be your own fault rather than some Mexican taking your job or that that people who do not look, speak or pray to God the way most God fearing white folks do is the delusion that has led you down the garden path of blind hatred. None of what makes your life a living hell is your own fault.  At least that’s the way you see it.

At the end of the day, if Trump wins, the darkest aspects of human nature will have been given carte blanche to come out of the shadows and ply their nightmarish trade out in the open. If Trump loses, the people who don’t read, think, or question will have found their way out of the night and feel emboldened that their way of life, hate and dark horror have been given a legitimate voice by the Trump monster they have created. Trump may ultimately skulk off into the night. But he will have left a legacy; people of no conscience, thought or love taking to the streets with only one thing on their minds…

Doing the devil’s bidding.


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Racist Zombie Supports Donald Trump and is a Misogynistic Fat Shamer!

Undead Greg of Zombie Times takes over and talks about the zombie life, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and drools over fat pride. Undead Greg reveals his racist opinions, lean towards Donald Trump, hatred toward Clinton, and gets off on fat people.


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Deadman’s Tome looking for Staff Writers 

Have an opinion and want it heard? 

Deadman’s Tome is looking to bring people aboard to help the zine grow. 

I am looking for talented writers that can find time here and there to write reviews of horror publications. 

I am looking for talented writers with strong conservative political opinions that respect free speech and mock SJW silliness.

I’m looking for people that have an opinion on everything!

Interested? Contact

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Zombie Offers Abortion Solution To Pro Lifer Conservatives

Baby Moses laws exist but they don’t feed zombies

As a member of the undead community, I don’t give a single rigor mortis fuck if you’re pro-life or pro-choice. What I care about is the very real possibility that if pro-lifers got there way that dumpster babies would become a popular trend. 

Don’t count it as silly just yet. We all know that there are shit parents out there. Afterall, we have mothers willing to smoke meth while pregnant. We got mothers willing to pimp put their toddlers for drug money. We even have retard idiots that can’t remember if they have their kid in a car. Hello, do you have a memory problem? You can’t remember that you helped you child in the car?

Police looking at a baby that a shit teenage mother didn’t want.

We have a slew of shit parents and it is obvious that an ill prepared shit mother that doesn’t want her child is most likely to resort to drastic measures. I bet that if pro life is a mandate and that abortion is illegal outright then we’ll not only see an increase of dumpster babies, but that’ll become this hip sensation that all the cool chicks get into. 

Have you dumped your baby today? #DumpsterBaby 


Listen, pro-lifers, I got your back. I understand the need to protect life and all that, but there are those moms that will just never care, and for that I have a solution! 

Feed the unwanted babies AND the mothers that feel just TOO busy and bothered to have a child to me. That’s right. I’ll eat both the child and the mother, and by doing so I’ll not only help the mother and baby join in the afterlife, I’ll also solve the both dumpster baby crisis and abortion happy mothers! 

Now, Pro-choicers. I get you, too. I understand that sometimes things happen and there are extreme circumstances where you might need to kill the human life in you. And I’m sure pro-choicers would agree that abortion should not replace birth control or be a fail safe for when a condom breaks or when a woman fails to take her birth control correctly. For those that don’t understand how birth control work and are working on their second abortion, get in line for Undead Greg feeding time. 

I don’t expect pro-choicers that kill their lil’ human every time birth control fails to comply willingly, and that is where I can make a deal with the pro-lifers, because they are more likely to be conservative and more likely to have the fire power.

Help Undead Greg feed on the abortion happy pro-choicers AND their dumpster babies and you’ll get absolute zombie immunity. That’s right. I and my undead friends will leave you alone. 

Undead Greg

Listens to Undead Greg’s podcast.

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[Real Horror] Turkey Legalizes Child Sex and America Could Be Next

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In response to Turkey lowering the legal age of consent and the argument you might face with liberal minded peers.

Turkey lowered the age of consent to where they essentially legalized having sex with children. Bring this up and your liberal friends will likely argue what’s wrong with legalizing child marriage. Don’t worry, you’re not taking crazy pills, but you’re right to think that there is something completely fucked here, and the irony is delicious.


It was often the argument of the Christian Republican that legalizing gay marriage would be followed by a legalization of pedophilia. This argument was dismissed as a slippery slope, even I disregarded the warning as complete and utter bullshit. There is no way in hell that America would approve of legalizing pedophilia. Think of the children is often used to create stricter laws, not create a safe rape haven for creeps. But, the real horror is that it is true… somewhat.

Liberal leftists and Obama are pushing for lowering the age of consent to thirteen thinking that it’s to protect the children from harsh life of juvy and the stigma of being labelled a sexual predator, but what they’re really doing is giving the green light to pedophile creeps. Imagine your thirteen year old daughter having sex with a twenty-five year old male, in your home, and there is nothing you can do about it because she gave consent. That’s absolute bullshit! That’s insanity!

This is fine, as long as they’re families are cool.

There are people currently advocating for teenagers as young as thirteen to have the legal authority to consent for sex under the guise that they’re biologically ready for sex. They’re biologically ready for fuck way before they’re brain is fully developed to handle the influx of hormones and emotions, which is why teenagers are often so impulsive and make very dumb decisions. Teenagers often think they know and understand the consequences of their actions when they don’t. Which is why teenagers are much more impulsive to do very dumb things, and the number one reason why they are susceptible to peer and ADULT manipulation. We don’t allow teens to vote, because they’re not intellectually ready, but we’ll give them the green light to fuck and expect no repercussions?! Especially in a county where Sex Ed is like the forbidden topic in most schools.

Did you enjoy Sixteen and Pregnant, well, get ready for the exciting Thirteen and Pregnant! It comes with the riveting excitement of child-birth mortality!

Teen fucking teens is one thing. That should be handled between the families and the court. I think it is absolutely ludicrous that teens go to jail for doing what teens do. But, a twenty five-year old male fucking a thirteen year old is bullshit. She may scream and cry that she knows what she is doing, but the power dynamic is completely skewed. The older male is manipulating her, coercing her, which is rape. Feminists, where’s your fight against this lowering the legal age of consent? Don’t tell me you support it because of freedom of choice. Let’s give a thirteen year old the freedom to make a choice that could lead to pregnancy, STD, and emotional distress. Has the Left forgotten about the emotional baggage that comes with child sexual abuse? You know there are perverted twisted sick pucks that get a chub for a thirteen year old that are just waiting for this to happen.

This is not fine. This is fucked up. But some would say its just fine.

The real horror is that the liberal left regressive don’t seem to see the problem with lowering the age of consent. The age of consent laws are designed to prevent people from perping on the young. Yes, creeps still perp on the young, but legalizing it won’t get the perpetrators to stop. It just makes what was once illegal, legal. Awesome, Let’s lower child rape stats by making it legal to fuck children!  Let’s not stop there. How about  we mandate the schools to install recreational fuck rooms so that the teenagers can fuck each other, right? A legal fuck room where even the teachers can join in, right? I mean, as long as everyone is consenting. hyperbole, but the truth is in the absurdity of it all. Lowering the age of consent would very well lead to a rise of older men perping on children, and as long as both consent, they would be in their legal right to do so. How’s this thinking of the children? How is this protecting our children?

Once 13 year olds are given the legal right to consent to sex, prostitution and pornography will follow. Slipper slope? Bullshit. How are police going to bust a group of “consenting” children, and don’t think that there are parents that are low enough to sell their kids.

Instead of lowering the age of consent, why don’t we instead leave the age requirement and let the families handle how they want to proceed if little Sally and little Johhny were caught having sex behind the bleachers.