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Can a Brotha Survive in Horror?

Marchese and I had a discussion on the Deadman’s Tome podcast not too long ago on whether or not a brotha can survive in horror. The same episode, which can be found on iTunes, YouTube, and Spreaker, also delved into the subject of ghetto booty. Hey ladies, don’t hate because you don’t go that extra cushion. This episode was also, if I recall correctly, one of the first episodes to play on Real Vision Radio, and we wanted to explore subjects that not only interest us, but also interest the target demographic.

As a #TuesdayThoughts post, I look back at this episode and wonder what were we thinking? The premise of can a Brotha Survive in Horror often gets thrown around on the internet as a joke, and often times the premise is answered with a hard no. So, why explore a subject that the is a meme on the internet? Because as funny as the memes are, they’re just kernels of truth that don’t capture the whole reality. I suppose someone could try to make an argument that horror is racist because of lack of representation. Though that position assumes the intent of filmmakers was to purposefully exclude black people. Not sold on that idea. While black people may often die in a slasher flick, black folk don’t always die, and it’s not hard at all to find examples, iconic ones at that, where the black hero makes it to the end. Blade featured a black vampire that kicked total ass. Night of the Living Dead had a black lead. The Candy Man had a black protagonist. Jeepers Creepers 2 had a black lead, as did Event Horizon.

Considering all of that, I think Marchese and I offered some interesting commentary on the subject, especially coming from two white dudes.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Listen and let us know what you think.





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Medieval Times

Do you think medieval people were nothing but a bunch of dirty, unwashed savages? Do you the think the peasants lived in their own filth for months on end because of a fear of water? Do you think that people back then were a bunch of ignorant mongoloid idiots that thought that a sneeze would cost them their soul? Well, you’re wrong, and so am I. As products of a shit school system, most people have a limited perspective of what life was like back then, but this Friday all that will change!
Get ready for an education!
Kelly Evans, a history geek that has spent extensive time researching the ins and outs of basic life and medieval medicine, is coming on the Deadman’s Tome podcast to give us the lesson our schools failed to give.

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Real Vision Radio Open Mic

Deadman’s Tome podcast has been on Real Vision Radio for a while now, and people are tuning in. That warms my heart a bit, it does. Knowing that people are actually listening to the interviews, rants, conversations, and debates bolsters our drive and determination. I say our, because I know my co host would absolutely agree, and I hope he would be cool with giving back to the listeners in the form of an Open Mic. 

That’s right. Open Mic. 

An everything and anything goes open mic session during the live broadcast where YOU can recite a poem, a song, a monologue, or a short story. Each participant will have ten to fifteen minutes to use as they see fit. 

How does this work? Message me on Twitter at @mrdeadmandt or send an email at and let us know that your interested and we’ll set aside time for you. 

This is meant to be a fun experience and a place to practice your craft. Don’t be shy. 

The Deadman’s Tome podcast is a live broadcast that airs on Real Vision Radio and Spreaker on Fridays at 11pm EST/10pm CST. 

You can catch previous episodes on Spreaker, iTunes, and YouTube.

Go here to check out the prior shows 

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Deadman’s Tome October BLITZ

Just about everyone would agree that Mr. Deadman is bit crazy, but now he seems to have gone completely insane. The full-time working and devoted family man wants to celebrate October with a constant nightly stream of the Deadman’s Tome podcast! Is this even possible? Will he manage to put in for a full week’s worth of content? He thinks so and with the help of Marchese and guest it can happen.

The Deadman’s Tome podcast covers everything from horror, writing, and even current happenings. While the show doesn’t like to get political, sometimes things happen around us that just can’t go ignored. New episodes of the podcast will be released daily with as much adherence as possible, but expect a break or two. C’mon, even a Deadman needs some rest.

Want to be on the podcast? Filmmakers, actors, writers, film lovers, and shit posters welcomed. Email me at






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Fan Questions

The Deadman’s Tome podcast is growing and it’s important to reach out to our audience and open the door for fan questions. Listeners of the show might be aware of a certain Kentucky Bob, a dedicated redneck that tries and tries again to psychologically break Mr. Deadman with absurd questions. Now is your chance to join in on that.

Send us questions about the magazine, podcast, writing, horror, movies, current events, and whatever is on your mind.  Use the form below!

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Deadman’s Tome Recap (5/26)

William C Marchese (WCM): On Friday’s show, we dug in deep with ghost hunter Gerard Simonelli. He taught us about different types of apparitions and gave an insight to his world. 
Jesse Dedman (JD): Gerard Simonelli is a paranormal investigator that doesn’t care for bullshit. I like that, and I think he made for a great guest. I learned so much about ghosts that I’ve begun to question the strange feelings I experience in my own home.
WCM: A surprising visit by a new character, Cat Man, caused Jessie to find a fetish he never knew he had…or did he? Let’s just say, Cat Man was purring by the end of the show. 
JD: What kind of world do we live in where a man dresses up like a Cat? The best of worlds. Oh, kitty allowed me to get close, really close.
WCM: We also touched on a new path being tested to get the show out further, Real Vision Radio, and how we’re feeling the crunch of creative oppression from the various rules and regulations. Lets just say, I enjoyed my four bottles of apple juice. 
JD: We’ve become so accustomed to drinking loads of alcohol that I’m surprised we weren’t going through withdrawals. I swear, Real Vision Radio, we weren’t sneaking shots. I swear it. Yeah, we’re playing on Spreaker and Real Vision Radio now, as well as uploading to iTunes and YouTube. Going on Real Vision is new and with new territory comes unforeseen challenges. They came up, but we learned from them.
WCM: Until next time, please comment or follow. More to come soon.