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Conversation with Renee DeCamillis

Renee DeCamillis meets with Mr. Deadman to chat about her story, Sunshower Death, and the conspiracy it’s inspired by, Chris Cornell’s suicide. On May 18, 2017, Chris Cornell died. The official narrative is suicide by hanging. But that story has left many of his beloved fans asked questions, finding things that just don’t seem to add up to the story. The gaps in time, Chris’ intoxicated performance, the discrepancy in the toxicology report and autopsy are just a few pieces of evidence that lead to more questions.

Are the fans involved in #truthforchris and #justiceforchris searching for the truth behind the official narrative, or are they looking for someone to blame because they couldn’t believe he died from suicide by hanging.

We explore this subject this Wednesday at 9:30pm CST

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Private Shows!

If you’ve listened to the Deadman’s Tome podcast, then you know it’s a show where Mr. Deadman sits down with various creative minds to chat about who they and what they do. The show has gone through many transformations, and every now and then there are more alt-entertainment styled shows, but the core is the same: entertain and inform.

Did you know that there are private episodes of Deadman’s Tome? These episodes are more structured, focused on particular topic, and a bit more raunchy. The first private show is about whether Link from Zelda is a psychopath. The second episode is an unexpected Kaiju Battle between Mecha Godzilla and Frankenstein, and both of these episodes are available for free.

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Conversation with Ken Stark and Chris Roy

Ken Stark, author of Stage 3 and Stage 3 Alpha, and Chris Roy, author of Sharp as a Razor and Her Name is Mercie, meet with Mr. Deadman to chat about their new books. If you listened to the podcast before, then you know that it’s basically just a conversation about the guest, what the guest is doing, things on our minds, and of course a dash of horror.


Catch the show this Friday at 9:30PM CST

Call ins are welcomed. If you want on the show, call in the number is 7136365637
It’s not a toll free number, but I can call you if you request. Send me a contact request to
Remember, this service isn’t free. It’s paid for in a combination of out of pocket and the generous support of the Deadman’s Tome patrons. Consider being a patron to get access to just about every issue of Deadman’s Tome and private shows.



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Conversation with James Longmore

James Longmore of HellBound Books meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about the Jack Ketchum anthology. ​HellBound Books, with the permission of Dallas Mayr’s agent and estate, are putting together an anthology of short stories inspired by and in loving homage to the late, great Jack Ketchum! This is a great opportunity and a lot of people are jealous. Green with envy is no good, people. Catch the show tonight at 9:30pm CST.


Find more about he anthology here

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Conversation with Nuzo Onoh

Are you ready to learn about African Horror? Nuzo Onoh (A.K.A. “The Queen of African Horror”) meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about how she got into writing and story telling, her cultural influences, and all things African Horror!

Listen to the show live this Friday at 9pm CST to send in questions. Leave your questions in the comment section and they’ll be asked.

Can’t catch the show live? That’s okay, listen to it afterwards on Spreaker, iTunes, and YouTube.


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Conversation with Tom Olausson and Renee Miller

A double dose of Deadman’s Tome podcast? You bet.

Horror poet and paranormal investigator Tom Gade Olausson meets with Mr. Deadman this Friday at 9pm CST to share some hilarious ghost stories and trouble with real life Nazi hunting.

Horror/erotica writer Renee Miller meets with Mr. Deadman this Saturday at 9pm CST to talk about her latest releases, one of which is Cats Like Cream, and the struggles she’s had publishing mature content on Amazon.

Catch the conversations live and participate by asking questions via chat or on this post.

Donate some pocket money at the podcast using this link  and your message will be read on the stream via Text-to-Speech.