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The Joys of Mainstream Pretension

Can I read real horror, daddy?
Believe it or not, in addition to writing I also have a full-time job. I know? Bizarre eh? My role involves a hell of a lot of travel on the road, so I have taken to listening to audiobooks and podcasts to get the daily required dose of fiction to inspire and to keep my own shitty writing relevant. Moreover, It’s pretty hard to read hardback Stephen King whilst doing 80mph.
Some of the pro and semi-pro markets have their very own podcasts these days, and honestly it is a fairly useful tool to get an idea of what type of story they have in mind before submitting to them.
There is one specific publication (which will remain nameless), that famously gets back to reject you in record time. I swear to God that I am telling the honest truth when I say that I was once rejected ten minutes after submitting a piece of fiction to them. That takes pain and degradation to a whole new level. How did they even read it in ten minutes?
Anyway, I digress- they also have their very own podcast and a couple of times a month they’ll get a top notch voice actor to read their latest wares and then whack it up on iTunes. By the time I discovered this I had probably had around ten stories rejected by them (top tip: keep a spreadsheet of your submissions.) I thought to myself, “Maybe if I listen to a handful of their stories I’ll unlock the secret behind their 0.001% acceptance ratio?”
Fat chance.
I was taking a shower, with my smartphone sat in the dry safety of a disused soap dish, listening to the third or fourth episode of this podcast when the realisation dawned on me (or it might have just been shampoo in my eye.) These guys like pretentious bollocks! The horror that isn’t really horror; safe mainstream stuff that mummy and daddy would just love to sit and listen to by the fire whilst thumbing through an issue of the Financial Times. A metaphor within a simile within a metaphor.
I’m sorry, but that just isn’t horror to me. It is well written and in some cases quite entertaining, it might be too clever for its own good, but it isn’t horror. Not in my humble opinion.
Horror is all about empathy. Identifying with their fears and concerns at a human level that haunts you for just a little while after you’ve finished. It is really hard to empathise when you barely understand what the writer is trying to convey because they’re using the story as a vehicle to show how tremendously smart they are.
I haven’t submitted to that particular outlet since. It feels like I’m letting myself down trying to write in that way. Like I’m not being truthful to myself. That’s why I feel so at home amongst the awesome authors at DT- no pretentiousness just good old fashioned horror, and long may it stay that way.
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Deadman’s Tome LIVE with Bob Freville


Bob Freville joins Mr. Deadman on the Deadman’s Tome Podcast this Friday at 10PM (CST) to discuss his story on Deadman’s Tome called Sex Toy  and the projects he’s currently working on.

Bob Freville is a writer and filmmaker from New York. His work has been published by Bizarro Central, Creem Magazine, Akashic Books, Box of Bizarro and many others. A cult favorite on Berkeley public access TV, Freville is also the writer/director of the minimalist vampire opus “Hemo,” available now from Troma. Freville’s dreadful words most recently graced the pages of the clown horror anthology “Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 2: Cherry Nose Armageddon” (from Nocturnicorn Books). His chapbook “Beastuary” will be released later this year from the publishers of Ravenwood Quarterly.

Catch the episode as it broadcasts at 10PM (CST) on Friday (9/2/2016) – give or take a few minutes. Questions brought to me via chat will be asked to Mr. Freville no matter what. I’ve open the flood gates for the trolls, but it should be fun.

Deadman’s Tome podcast RSS feed is located on the side bar along with a link to the channel. Follow the Tome on Spreaker or with any other podcast app to not miss an episode.


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Interview with David Hoenig

David Hoenig joins Mr. Deadman on the Deadman’s Tome podcast to discuss his two short stories Pruning The Garden and North by Due North  along with his current projects and aspirations. David Hoenig is an author that writes in a variety of genres. Pruning The Garden is more of a historical mystery than a brutal horror, where as North by Due North is an merciful horror with a lovecraftian flavor.

The interview will broadcast on the Deadman’s Tome Spreaker channel around 10pm(CST). Follow the channel to be notified the moment the broadcast goes live. Chat is encouraged. I’m also a sucker for punishment, as long as its for a cause. I’ll gladly take a shot of nasty cookie dough vodka for every time someone donates a dollar to the Deadman’s Tome patreon.

Follow the Deadman’s Tome Spreaker channel here:

About David Hoenig:

David is a practicing physician for whom writing is his ‘second career’.  He’s won two short fiction contests (Dark Chapter Press, Espec Books) and has multiple stories published/accepted to different anthologies with Flame Tree Publishing, Cast of Wonders, Horrified Press, Zoetic Press/NonBinary Review, Drunk Monkeys Literary, Dark Chapter Press, Elder Signs Press, and Nebula Rift Magazine.  He is working on his first novel.  Slowly.

His website–

His Amazon author page–



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Deadman’s Tome Podcast Tonight at 10pm

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Tune in to Deadman’s Tome podcast LIVE Friday (8/12/2016) at 10pm (CST) to catch Mr. Deadman talk about North by Due North – David M. Hoenig, Horror 2016 Olympics, REJECTED – the recently announced writing contest, the arrival of HORRGASM, and a brief reading of DOSE by Marc Shapiro!

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE @ 10PM (CST)



Horror authors Brian J. Smith and Matthew Johnson join Mr. Deadman to discuss their stories, influences, and other projects. Brian J. Smith is the author of Caught In The Act, a short, dark, and gritty flash in the pan fiction of lust, revenge, and murder that lingers like the smell of gunpowder. Matthew Johnson is the the author of Scuttle Bug, a gruesome and haunting tale of a bug from Hell determined to borrow deep inside Amanda. Scuttle Bug is also featured in the latest anthology Deadman’s Tome: Book of Horrors.

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE-Book of Horrors!

Mr. Deadman celebrates the launch of Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors – the latest horror anthology. Featuring ten terrifying tales designed to scare the living shit out of your friends and families, the anthology will surely leave a lasting, creeping impression. Going live at 10pm CST. 

Link to Anthology



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Kelly Evans – Voodoo and Rejection

Mr. Deadman and horror author Kelly Evans talk about voodoo and the purpose and benefit of rejection, among other things.

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Deadman’s Tome LIVE Show @ 10PM (CST)

Kelly Evans, author of horror short The Adler Street Boarding House, joins Mr. Deadman to discuss her latest featured short story VooDon’t – a dark tale of Cajun witches, curses, and voodoo.

You’re invited to listen and encouraged to send questions via chat. Follow the show using this link and be notified as soon as the show goes live