The Joys of Mainstream Pretension

Believe it or not, in addition to writing I also have a full-time job. I know? Bizarre eh? My role involves a hell of a lot of travel on the road, so I have taken to listening to audiobooks and podcasts to get the daily required dose of fiction to inspire and to keep my own shitty writing relevant. Moreover, It’s pretty hard to read … Continue reading The Joys of Mainstream Pretension

[Review] Mister White by John C. Foster

If your novel can’t captivate a reader with in the first three chapters, then the wonderful idea you spent months on will sure as Hell never sell to any respectful publisher. John C. Foster’s Mister White, published by Grey Matter Press, not only knows of this golden rule of publishing, it proudly passes the test. Mister Whiter delivers a compelling story that will grip readers … Continue reading [Review] Mister White by John C. Foster