Red Roses, White Flags – Pete Clark

‘Now,’ the voice said. ‘The time is now.’ It was heavily disguised, he knew that, and as such, there was not a trace of accent. His heart sank a little at the words, but he knew it was coming, this call. He had been paid, and paid well, and God knew he deserved the money. The desert blew in sandy twists around his feet, and … Continue reading Red Roses, White Flags – Pete Clark

Trumpocalypse Predicts Future

Donald J. Trump will soon celebrate his inauguration. And though many of you may still deny the reality, the horrid reality that is Trump at the helm of one of the most powerful nations in the world, it is time to prepare for the the inevitable Trumpocalypse. Kelly Evans’ story Hell to Pay puts Donald Trump’s twitter behavior on blast, and actually predicted an aggressive … Continue reading Trumpocalypse Predicts Future