If You’re Looking for Podcasts…

Deadman’s Tome offers a variety of podcasts. Real Horror Radio explores real crime, real events, real horror. Cursed Earth explores locations considered to be cursed because of the number or strange circumstances around the deceased in the area. Deadman’s Tome Story Time offers story readings. Freak Show explores the more freaky and disturbing side of humanity. Real Monsters explores serial killers, going into the gritty … Continue reading If You’re Looking for Podcasts…

Woman Hit Four Times in a Row!

As dumb kid that thought he knew everything, I didn’t listen to my parents on many things, but I remember vividly to look both ways before crossing the road. Hell, my folks were so effective in teaching this little piece of advice that it’s practically ingrained in me. To this day, I still look both ways even at a one-way, which isn’t as dumb as … Continue reading Woman Hit Four Times in a Row!

Death to Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been overturned. What does that mean? The means that the regulations making sure that ISPs deliver the data you want fairly are gone. Now, Xfinity, Verizon, and AT&T can preferentially deliver some data faster than other data. The ISPs have been toying around with data caps and throttling when you exceed a certain amount, which is complete bullshit. Why is it that … Continue reading Death to Net Neutrality

Save Net Neutrality 

Once again the battle for net neutrality rages on. The old media giants like Comcast and AT&T with Direct TV are hemorrhaging subscribers as more and more former cable users get woke and cut the cord. Stream in services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube are in trouble. These services offer an alternative that utterly destroys the old subscription package. Why pay for cable when you … Continue reading Save Net Neutrality 

Report: City Of Flint Is Threatening 8,000 Homeowners With Foreclosure Over Unpaid Water Bills

What does it say about a First World nation when a whole city has poisonous water? It says it’s a fucking joke. You know who else can’t get clean drinking water? People in Somalia. But the were not in Somalia, we’re in America, and in this country you would think we would have the capabilityof providing clean drinking water. But a big fucking NO.  Let … Continue reading Report: City Of Flint Is Threatening 8,000 Homeowners With Foreclosure Over Unpaid Water Bills

Massive Homicidal Cuck on the Loose!

Urgent, massive cuck having a homicidal meltdown all because he placed a ho before bros! Not joking. Easter Sunday, while kids were hunting for eggs, this cold ass pussy was hunting for headshots because some bitch named Joy Lane gave another dude head. Jokes aside, Joy Lane is a stripper name and a brother should put much stock in a broad that was given a … Continue reading Massive Homicidal Cuck on the Loose!