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HUSH overrated Garbage?

First, if you liked HUSH then that’s fine.

I couldn’t get into the film. I tried. It was hyped as the great horror film. What I say was a freaking fantasy land comedy where a psychotic serial killer is soooo inept that he can’ take out a deaf woman. The victim he stalked is impaired, and he realizes this well-before he breaks into her home for the kill. How did he fail that badly? How did he fuck up such an easy target?

Imagine this Bad Luck Brain of a killer sitting at a poker table with Jason, Michael, and Chucky. He would be the laughing stock. He would be the beer bitch and the ass and mouth for the after party.

I just couldn’t get into it for the premise and unbelievable stupid psychopathic killer.

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Is Don’t Breathe A Stand Your Ground Wet Dream?

Critics called Don’t Breathe the best and most original horror film, but does it life up to the hype?

Well, if you’re a strong supporter of Stand Your Ground laws, then you’ll be right at home. 

Don’t Breathe seems like it was designed for those that want to vicarious enjoy the fight and the right to kill that usually comes as a victim of a home invasion.

The plot reads like an episode of Daredevil or a comedy like Home Alone. Three douchbags want to rob a blindan thinking he is an easy target, but they didn’t expect him to be willing and more than capable of standing his ground. This plot is as original as Home Alone, except with blind badass that the movie tries to make you fear? 

Don’t Breathe is American in that a group of entitled, deadbeat, punk ass millennials explot an elder for easy money. The movie is American in that the blind man is an ex veteran and can kick ass. Don’t Breathe is also American because it glorifies Stand Your Ground laws. But it isn’t American in feeling empathy for the three lowlife scum fucks.
Is it worth seeing? If you enjoy a comedy forced into a horror.

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Savage Streets – Quick Review

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Savage Streets – Quick Review

Savage Streets, starring Linda Blair (known for playing the possessed girl in The Exorcist) and a whole slew of beautiful women with perky breasts, killer thighs, and an attitude to match, is a brutal tale of revenge in a city were eye for an eye is the only way to live.

A 1984 revenge-exploitation film without the cringe of an typical 80’s exploitation film. The cast delivers their performance and from the get-go the plot moves along without a lot of fluff and bullshit. A group of girls mess with a ruthless gang and as a result the gang systematically harasses, rapes, and murders to the point to where Linda Blair has to take matters into her own hands!

The film delivers on the tit-factor as well. Within minutes of the film, busty white tits bust out from skin tight pink shirts. Not your thing? Then, stick around for the building tension. The film does a great job really driving the viewer to HATE – absolutely HATE, the gang of thugs.

There is one scene that is probably too intense for some, but you’ve got to see it for yourself.


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Suicide Squad is Awesome Fuck the Critics

Just watched Suicide Squad and I must say the critics are full of shit hating on this movie like it’s a steaming pile of dog shit. Is it perfect?  NO! But, neither is any other Marvel movie. But that’s just it, right? Critics often compare DC to Marvel as if they’re the same and should follow the same pattern, but they’re different.

For the sake of comparison though, Suicide Squad suffers from some editing problems. Dialog in certain scenes are repeates verbatim from one scene to the next along with behaviors that seem to contradict prior scenes. For example, Harly Quinn checks her neck for the restraining charge when Red Flag let’s the fugitives go, but the Joker had already set her free. WTF? 

However, there are two areas that DC delivers where Marvel fails. One, the inclusion of military and police forces. By involving pentegon briefings and political influence it creates a sense of grounding realism. How would our world react to the arrival of Superman, to the destruction, and then his death? 

Second, dark and gritty tones. Marvel movies are bright and kid friendly other than Deadpool, but that was and still is an exception.

Suicide squad was deliver on the dark tones that portray the story in a more serious light. Ant Man was fun but seemed like a joke. Captian America was fun, but we knew that America would prevail, and Iron Man was fun but a load of bullshit. A rich billionaire designing super tech armor? Please, they would much rather spend time designing cutting edge MP3 players.

Suicide Squad suffers from some editing flaws and too much slow motion, but overall the movie is enjoyable and fun. Fuck the critics!

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Why the hell did FOX sow his mouth shut the first time? Is it because Deadpool’s sense of humor and fourth wall breaking presence would steal Wolverine’s spotlight?


Though Ryan Reynolds wasn’t enough to save the colossal dump that was The Green Lantern, his sarcastic and smug sense of humor should only enhance what appears to be an enjoyable popcorn flick. I don’t expect Deadpool to be the next Iron Man, but if done right the fourth wall breaking hook could give Deadpool a unique feel.

But, if done wrong. The thing that made Deadpool really stand out from other Marvel comics would be lost, leaving just another super hero with sort of funny but quickly tiresome one-liners. Don’t forget that this is FOX. The same studio that produced mediocre Wolverine films, and featured Deadpool only to throw him away. Seriously,  what was that about?

Howevet, the trailers were released in respect to what makes Deadpool different, and I am curious to see if this movie will have even more enjoyable surprises.

What are your thoughts?