‘Twas the Night Before Madness – S. Alessandro Martinez

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the home All the shadows were stirring, all ready to roam; Offerings were hung by the chimney with care, bits of bone, and organs, and scalps with some hair. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, when a sharp-bladed axe went clean through their heads; And mamma all dead now, and I in my mask, … Continue reading ‘Twas the Night Before Madness – S. Alessandro Martinez

Cthulhu Christmas Special

And Other Lovecraftian Yuletide Tales… As kids we’re told that Christmas is a magical time when a mysterious man from a mysterious place sneaks into your home to leave gifts. But only, if you were good. Because this mysterious man, this Santa Clause, has been watching you the entire time. Santa sounds like a pervert. But what if this Santa, isn’t that Santa we were … Continue reading Cthulhu Christmas Special

Cthulhu Christmas Special

Deadman’s Tome is calling for submissions for a Cthulhu Christmas Special. We’re looking for original short stories and flash fiction pieces (2-5k words) that blend Cthulhu and Christmas with a dash of Lovecraftian prose. If you have something that would meet this criteria, then please send to jessecdedman@gmail.com. What do you get in return? Well, you get the that warm feeling that comes with being … Continue reading Cthulhu Christmas Special

Eldritch Dreams – Brian Malachy Quinn

Captain Jonathon Riesner reclined in his bio-chair, staring out the portal into the black seas of infinity – his head throbbed with what had become a never-ending headache. Three crewmembers had died mysteriously over the past five days. Officially, he reported the deaths back to Sector as accidents, but they were not. The crew was on edge. He had slept very little since the first … Continue reading Eldritch Dreams – Brian Malachy Quinn

North by Due North – David M. Hoenig

Deadman’s Tome is home to Book of Horrors, a horror anthology loaded with terrifying horror short stories that’ll chill you to the bone!     DISCLAIMER: Deadman’s Tome is a dark and gritty horror zine that publishes content not suitable for children. The horror zine proudly supports the freedom of dark creative works and stands against censorship. Hardly any subject matter is too taboo for … Continue reading North by Due North – David M. Hoenig