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Let’s Get Banned from YouTube!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a private show for the patrons, and I feel that the amount of time and the amount of love and support given by them deserves a completely unfiltered and uncensored live stream. We’re just now really growing on YouTube, but for the patrons I’m willing to put the channel on the line to bring the entertainment they deserve!

On November 17th at 9:30pm CST, Deadman’s Tome will go on the warpath on various trolls in the industry, Mr. Deadman will display his love an affection for Gary and Tony, followed by a sausage fest that will probably get a community guideline strike.

The link to watch the live show will be on the Patreon page.

In order to see this you have to be a patron. Go to and pledge a dollar and boom, you’re in.




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Eat The Rich

Renee Miller’s new book Eat The Rich is OUT NOW! Published by my friends over at Hindered Souls, this book is loaded with gruesome details and is ready to shock and awe. To celebrate, Deadman’s Tome is hosting a special live episode this Sunday!


How special is this show? We’re opening the show to live call ins and Renee and I are giving away over $100 worth of prizes. If you want to help celebrate or you just want to win some free stuff then call in this Sunday after 3pm EST.