The Ancient Ones II

The Ancient Ones was Deadman’s Tome attempt at a Lovecraftian themed anthology, and the result was a well-received and highly rated Lovecraft tribute. We wanted to take another crack at it with Ancient Ones II by featuring a different assortment of tales that explore the unfathomable nightmares, the ancient ones, the alien gods from afar. The Ancient Ones delivers a short but powerful collection of … Continue reading The Ancient Ones II

Monsters Do Exist Here’s the Proof!

This is such a great anthology about monsters of all shapes and sizes. This book holds monsters that we all have feared since our childhood. It is the things that go bump in the night. It is the stories we tell around campfires. They are the urban legends and the tall tales.   Let me be straight forward with you now. I have never read … Continue reading Monsters Do Exist Here’s the Proof!

‘Twas the Night Before Madness – S. Alessandro Martinez

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the home All the shadows were stirring, all ready to roam; Offerings were hung by the chimney with care, bits of bone, and organs, and scalps with some hair. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, when a sharp-bladed axe went clean through their heads; And mamma all dead now, and I in my mask, … Continue reading ‘Twas the Night Before Madness – S. Alessandro Martinez

Cthulhu Christmas Special

And Other Lovecraftian Yuletide Tales… As kids we’re told that Christmas is a magical time when a mysterious man from a mysterious place sneaks into your home to leave gifts. But only, if you were good. Because this mysterious man, this Santa Clause, has been watching you the entire time. Santa sounds like a pervert. But what if this Santa, isn’t that Santa we were … Continue reading Cthulhu Christmas Special

A Deadman is Summoned!

  July 2008, a sinister collection of gruesome tales is released under the banner Demonic Tome. These stories were originally offered for free directly from a site that no longer exists. This issue was lost and forgotten, until it was discovered by a historian that wishes to be anonymous. This brave sole found the July 2008 edition of Demonic Tome, and with his help, we’ve … Continue reading A Deadman is Summoned!