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Vic Mignogna Update, Unbox Therapy Case SCAM and More

Mr. Deadman has been following the Vic Mignogna situation from the beginning and it’s been a long ride. Vic is a voice actor for Dragon Ball Z Super and he did the voice of Broly. Shortly after the success of the anime feature film Dragon Ball Z Super Broly, fellow voice actors came out of the woodwork to accuse him of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Mr. Deadman gives an update on the situation, plus covers a situation of a YouTuber tech reviewer blatantly ripping of a phone case company.


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Vic Mignogna and Embarrassing #Kickvic Tweets


Vic Mignogna and Embarrassing #Kickvic Tweets

Mr. Deadman explains the Vic Mignogna situation  to his co-host Becky. Becky is normal and not much invested in the #weebwars, but she offers the perspective from an outsider.


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Jamie Marchi Hates YouTubers

If you’ve been following the Vic Mignogna situation, then you know exactly who Jamie Marchi is.

If you don’t, then you’re either unaware of the wrongful termination and character assination of Vic Mignogna, or the sort of person that gets a thrill just watching his assailants smear him.

I wish I could say regardless where you stand in the #weebwar saga whether #kickvic or #istandwithvic, one thing we should be able to agree on is that celebrating the ruin of others reveals much about the one celebrating. However, #kickvic started with the intent to ruin a beloved voice actor and then celebrate victory after a public smearing.

It really comes to no surprise that someone on the #kickvic side took time from her very busy day to celebrate the ruin of others. This time YouTubers that had nothing to do with her.

A certain self-identified gay Latino, Carlos Maza of Vox, had his feelings hurt when Steven Crowder called him a gay Latino. Because Carlos Maza is a thick skinned, he went crying to YouTube like a hurt child demanding an injustice be rectified. This uproar eventually led to YouTube rolling out new policies, which caused a lot of harmless YouTube creators to lose monetization.

What does this have to do with Jamie Marchi?

Nothing. At least, it shouldn’t. But she can’t help herself, but to join in on the YouTube hate campaign, but why?

Content of character.

Jamie Marchi didn’t have to retweet and jump on Vox hating on YouTube. She didn’t have to celebrate a call to action that would lead to YouTubers losing monetization over NOTHING. She didn’t have to do those things, but she did because SHE wanted to. She did because she enjoys watching others suffer.

Watch for yourself: