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I was given a link to an erotic magazine called NASTY and I was not disappointed. Stylized provocative images caught my eye, but I was hooked by promise of perverted stories saturated with nasty, sweaty sex. If you have a gutter brain, a dirty mind, a wandering eye, or curious hands, then check out NASTY. NASTY has a Kickstater, and those that back get some very hot rewards!


NASTY: Fetish Fights Back

This collection of short stories is our way of taking a stand against those who would silence us and dictate what we do with our bodies. 

NASTY: Fetish Fights Back is a compilation of erotic speculative fiction inspired by the #NastyWoman movement. But more than Nasty Women alone, we want to include Nasty Everyones–whatever your sexuality or orientation–-we hope you find a story in NASTY that gets your juices flowing in all the right ways.

We’ve got a lot of money to raise to make this a reality, but if there’s anything we learned from Fifty Shades of Gray, it’s that most Americans love a little erotica even if they don’t admit it.



UPDATE: Submissions are now open. 

Here’s the link.

How many stories will we take?

That will be dependent on two things:

  1. How much money can we raise? We’re committed to paying our writers professional rates (at least $0.06 per word).

  2. We’re only buying stories we love–stories that we feel include all of us. Big, little, gay, straight, poly, queer, trans, and every race, creed, color, and place of origin are all welcome and encouraged. So if that’s what you’re writing, please help us by not only supporting this but by spreading the word in whatever way you can.




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Exclusive FREE Content for Patrons

When you support Deadman’s Tome, you support writers. By supporting the writers, you get access to awesome content such as FREE access to two horror anthologies Book of Horrors I and HORRGASM!

Deadman’s Tome is an online horror zine with a strong focus on delivering dark, gritty, and terrifying horror. Deadman’s Tome strongly encourages community engagement and fosters an environment where readers can react and share the stories they read. In addition, Deadman’s Tome offers writers a unique way to earn revenue from their stories. Instead of offering a fixed rate or a rate based on the number of words, Deadman’s Tome pays authors based on the number of views, likes, and comments received.

Becoming a patron of Deadman’s Tome means helping support the cost of the horror zine, and helping us make it as profitable as possible so that Deadman’s Tome can offer more to the authors and readers by increasing pay rate, helping with advertising and marketing costs, hiring professional voice talent, hiring artists, improving on the site, and to even become a print magazine.

Currently, I put about $30 of my own money towards Deadman’s Tome, but that amount does not offer much for advertising and marketing. And let’s face it, advertising and marketing is not only essential but expensive. I have a number of sites and organizations I plan on working with to place ads to spread awareness of the growing horror zine. However, I need your help in raising the money to make it happen.

Become a patron today by going to




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Some say that print is dead, but DeadLights Magazine says no. The young publication appreciates a challenge and has tapped into a niche market. Sure, it would be cheaper to be just another electronic magazine – electronic magazines spring up from the ground like weeds due to cheap production costs. But the digital screen does not compare to the actual print material in hand. If Deadman’s Tome could afford it, it would totally embrace the old school horror magazine feel of Tales From The Crypt and Creep.

DeadLights Magazine is a horror fiction magazine printing flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and art, with a focus on up-and-coming authors and artists! Of course, print is not cheap and Dead Lights is raising money via Kickstarter to.. well.. kick start the magazine. Dead Lights has already exceeded their initial goal, but the more they raise, the more they can do for the authors and readers.

As fans of horror, please check out DeadLights Magazine kickstarter and see if you can afford a dollar, just a simple dollar, to give them that extra push.