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Real Monsters – Jack The Ripper

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SK Berit and Wess Haubrich discuss Jack the Ripper with guest Kelly Evans.


Deadman’s Tome podcast is a variety show covers everything from horror writing, horror movies, filmmaking, youtube drama, and fringe communities. Deadman’s Tome has stong stance on free speech and is open to exploring conspiracy theories and social issues. While the show has a comedic bent to it, some many heartfelt moments have been explored on the program. The show was designed to be somewhere between the Joe Rogan Experience and Howard Stern, but with a stronger focus on horror and writing.

Live stream every monday, wednesday, and friday at 9:30pm

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Get Book of Horrors II for FREE

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It’s the month of Halloween, and the second installment of the Book of Horror series has finally arrived. This anticipated horror anthology features ten terrifying tales of absolute horror. Blackmouth by Alessandro Martinez opens with a gruesome short of body deformation with H.P. Lovecraft undertones, while The Valley of Sex by Joseph Rubas delves even deeper into the lovecraftian influence. The Woman in Red by B Thomas explores the dark mystery of Jack the Ripper, while The Adler Street Boarding House by Kelly Evans offers a unique perspective on the infamous lady killer.

Book of Horrors II is available on Amazon and can be read on Amazon Kindle or any device that supports the Kindle Reader app. For those interested in a print copy, Book of Horrors II will be the first Deadman’s Tome anthology available in print later this year. The digital copy is cheaper and delivers a dose of horror at the click of a button.

Want a free copy? Well, tweet me (@MrDeadmanDT) with #BookofHorrors and you might win a free copy of the Book of Horrors II

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Jack the Ripper a Cover-up for Masonic Satanic Cults?


Who was Jack the Ripper? A woman hating Jew or an abortion doctor gone mad? What would drive someone to mutilate women, specifically prostitutes? Bad service? Closeted homosexuality? What about the wrath of the micro penis? Jack the Ripper a cover-up for masonic satanic cults or for systemic police brutality towards prostitutes?

Writer Kelly Evans joins Mr. Deadman to answer these questions  in this short but very informative episode of the Deadman’s Tome podcast!





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Let’s Talk Jack the Ripper With Kelly Evans

This Friday at 10pm (CST), horror writer Kelly Evans joins The Deadman’s Tome podcast to discuss the infamous Jack the Ripper.

As author of The Adler Street Boarding House – a unique perspective on the legendary lady killer, Kelly Evans should be able to peel away the myths and urban legends away from the truth.

To listen live, click on the podcast icon on the sidebar or on the links under the RSS feed, also on the sidebar.


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