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Mark Deloy – Horror Writing, Paranormal, Pedo Priests

Mark Deloy is the author of the novels Life Suspended and The Ghosts of Silence as well as dozens of stories in various anthologies. His novel The Southern House will be published in the summer of 2018 from Hellbound Books. He lives and writes in middle Tennessee. This is also where most of his paranormal fiction is based. He is currently working on his next novel, The Cult of the Angel Eaters. An interview with the author and several other Authors can be found on Zombiepalooza Radio


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S R Jones and Castlevania

S R Jones is a writer of science fiction and fantasy. Born in London, he was raised on the Welsh borders and is now more or less settled in the South of England. He currently shares his living space with four corn snakes, to whom he reads all his work prior to publication. So far, none of the snakes have left any reviews, so it’s impossible to know whether or not they appreciate this.

We talk about horror, writing, Castlevania, and Resident Evil.

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Andrew J Rausch

Andrew J. Rausch is a film critic, author, and celebrity interviewer, as well as film producer, screenwriter, and actor. He had written or co-written nearly 20 books on the subject of popular culture, including Turning Points in Film History, Making Movies with Orson Welles (w/Gary Graver), and The Films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. He is the screenwriter of the motion picture Dahmer vs. Gacy and the author of three novels, The Suicide Game, Riding Shotgun, and Elvis Presley, CIA Assassin.

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Glenn Rolfe – Horror, Writing, and Sandy Hook Conspiracy


Glenn Rolfe is an author/singer/songwriter from the haunted woods of New England. He has studied Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King, Ronald Malfi, Jack Ketchum, and many others. He and his wife, Meghan, have three children, Ruby, Ramona, and Axl. He is grateful to be loved despite his weirdness.


A Sandy Hook Truther agreed to come on the show to try to convince Mr. Deadman that Sandy Hook was a hoax, but Mr. Deadman has read the reports, listened to the audio logs, watched the videos, and seen the photos, and even verified with dobsearch that the victims are indeed real and dead. Mr. Deadman hopes that this will help those that truly just misinformed.

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Jeff Prebis and Mr Deadman is Ableist

Jeff Prebis is the author of the novels, The Debacle, A Trip Down Psychopath Lane, Sexy People, and Man Without A Country. His other published material includes the short story collection, Walking On Razor Blades: Stories Of Death, Blood, and Sex, the novella, Bloodsucker Boulevard, the short stories, Jim’s Revelation, Two Sultry Nights And One Macabre Morning, Juggling with Hand Grenades, Black And Blue, and High Off Your Blood. He resides in Virginia. He reaches into your soul to find out what turns you on, and what scares you to death. You’re welcome to take a walk on the wild side, but once you do, you may never return. Fourteen people have been committed to mental institutions after reading his material, and yet, they feel better than they felt when they were sane.

Is psycho the new N word? Is Mr. Deadman an ableist scum lord? Can’t use words like retard, idiot, moron, stupid or dumb, or even psycho anymore.

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Patrick James Ryan – Horror writer and dark poet – martial arts expert


Patrick James Ryan is a native of Columbus, Ohio and the popular author of the diverse short story collection, “Blood Verse,” the best selling novel at Black Bed Sheet Books ~ “The Night It Got Out” and his most recent release, “The Maggots Underneath The Porch.” Patrick has appeared in numerous radio interviews and blogs and is a recognized as a popular new voice in the horror/suspense/thriller genre. Patrick and his wife, Molly enjoy their three children ~ Colleen, Michael and Patrick, Jr. An avid sports and music fan, Patrick enjoys Football, Basketball, Baseball, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and most hard rock. In addition to writing, Patrick is a voracious reader, taking in an eclectic swath of fiction and non-fiction across many genres, with horror being a favorite. A practitioner of martial arts for over 25 years, he holds a second degree black belt and is a huge fan of Bruce Lee and is considered an expert with Nunchakus. He is currently finishing up a second short story collection and a mainstream detective thriller for 2018.

Patrick might be able to shed some light on the Conor and Khabib suspension and the Blade VS Lestat poll on the Deadman’s Tome facebook page.

Mr. Deadman watched the new anime series Goblin Slayer and has a reason to get back into anime. SJW are upset about Goblin Slayer including sexual assault in its story. SJW are also upset about Disney’s Aladdin because when it comes to SJW politics you never actually win.

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Conversations with Kelly Evans and Xtina Marie

Kelly Evans and Xtina Marie meet with Mr. Deadman to chat about Kelly’s new book, Xtina’s dark poetry, and everything from horror to the bubonic plague. This Friday at 9:30PM CST





Kelly Evans is the author of Mortecarni, a novel about monks fighting off zombies in a land ravaged by the Black Death, and has finished and released the next chapter of the series: Revelation.
Xtina Marie is a huge fan of horror, a published poet, an editor, and podcaster. Her first book of poetry: Dark Musings has received outstanding reviews.

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7 Reasons Why Your Book Isn’t Finished!

1) You haven’t even started!

The number one reason why your book isn’t finished is because your lazy ass haven’t even started. Oh, I don’t have the time. Find the time! If you really wanted it, you would make time instead of making excuses. Those excuses aren’t helping you write that book. No, they’re enabling your procrastination and you’ll end up a miserable piece of shit with shattered dreams and regret!

Now get started!

2) You’re distracted by bullshit

Think checking up on your Facebook posts and Twitter feed is helping you? Think again. Turn that shit off! Every writer knows of that zone, of that flow, and you don’t need anything to take you out from that.

3) You’re in the recliner when your ass should be in the chair.

But I got to watch the new season of Fuller House on Netflix, and then catch up on The Voice, and then rewatch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It just goes on and on. Look, I’m not gonna say don’t watch anything. But, all those hours spent consuming content others created could be spent making your own. That book will not write itself!

4) You think the market is saturated

Like piles of shit atop of even more shit, your book could either be another turd or that golden nugget. But wait, wouldn’t the golden nugget get lost? Nope. Not at all. Why? Search engines and algorithms.

It’s not so much the quality of the content, that’s important for staying power and longevity, as it is the way you frame and describe the book. What keywords do you use? Do you have a compelling description? Do you have a good cover?

Stop complaining about a saturated and competitive market and get to work!

5) You think people don’t read anymore

And yet books still sell. Yeah, the quality over all has dropped, and readers seem far less picky, but they’re readers. What about the next generation? Oh, you mean the kids that read creepypasta? The genre that is the new horror? The birth place of Slender Man? Yeah, go ahead and tell yourself the kids don’t read.

Excuses, excuses.

6) You write for money and fame

That doesn’t seem disengenous in the slightest. Not to be a downer, but with a competitive market comes a fight for every dollar. This is true whether you go indie or traditional. Want those generous advances? Even they are in a decline. If fame is what you’re looking for then make a sex tape or some stupid freak out video for YouTube. You’ll get fame, and for far less work.

Write for you and stop with the excuses.

7) You’re stuck on landing that perfect opener

Just do it already! Just sit your ass down in the chair and start writing. The perfect opener? That’s the thought that will lead to something as cliche as they come. Stop over thinking and start writing!

Read Today
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Conversation with J. Thorn

Dark fiction author and professor J. Thorn meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about his stories, horror and life in-between. Catch the show live this Saturday at 9pm CST, or listen to it afterwards on iTunes, iHeartradio, Spreaker, and YouTube.

J. Thorn is a Top 100 Most Popular Author in Horror, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure and Fantasy (Amazon Author Rank). He has published over one million words and has sold more than 170,000 books worldwide. In March of 2014 Thorn held the #5 position in Horror alongside his childhood idols Dean Koontz and Stephen King (at #4 and #2 respectively). He is an official, active member of the Horror Writers Association and a member of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers.

Thorn earned a B.A. in American History from the University of Pittsburgh and a M.A. from Duquesne University. He is a full-time writer, adjunct university professor, co-owner of Molten Universe Media, podcaster, musician, and a certified Story Grid nerd.


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Conversation with Tom Olausson and Renee Miller

A double dose of Deadman’s Tome podcast? You bet.

Horror poet and paranormal investigator Tom Gade Olausson meets with Mr. Deadman this Friday at 9pm CST to share some hilarious ghost stories and trouble with real life Nazi hunting.

Horror/erotica writer Renee Miller meets with Mr. Deadman this Saturday at 9pm CST to talk about her latest releases, one of which is Cats Like Cream, and the struggles she’s had publishing mature content on Amazon.

Catch the conversations live and participate by asking questions via chat or on this post.

Donate some pocket money at the podcast using this link  and your message will be read on the stream via Text-to-Speech.