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Top 15 Halloween traditions

Mr. Deadman and Becky talk about the Top 15 Halloween traditions and their origins. How did Halloween begin? Was it a pagan holiday to celebrate demons or was it a way to ward off wandering spirits?

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Top 5 Castlevania Games

Mr. Deadman, Becky, Bo Chappell, and S R Jones debate over the Top 5 Castlevania games. Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Casltevania III, Rondo of Blood, Netflix Castlevania series is great, too, but we’ll talk about it later.

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Conversations this Week

The Deadman’s Tome podcast starts off with the Queen of Filth, followed by strange creatures with Dan Allen, and then paranormal activity with Tammy Gyarmathy.

Monday at 9:30PM CST – Dani Brown (Queen of Filth)

Wednesday at 9:30PM CST – Dan Allen

Friday at 9:30PM CST – Tammy Gyarmathy (paranormal investigator)

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Conversations This Week

The shows are at 930pm CST, unless stated otherwise.

Monday (7/23) – Lia Scott Price, writer and illustrator of Vampire Guardian Angels, talks about how the darkness relates to artistic expression.

Wednesday (7/25) – Renee DeCamillis, writer featured in The Conspiracy Issue, comes back to go even deeper on Chris Cornell’s alleged suicide.

Friday (7/27) – Paul Heatley, author of The Motel Whore, talks about his writing, inspiration, and other things.

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Conversation with Ben Arzate

Listeners of the show wanted Mr. Deadman to chat with Ben Arzate, and I can see why. Ben Arzate produces intriguing poetry with a dark and brutal delivery. I appreciate the unapologetic approach and the willingness to deliver raw, disturbing prose. Mr. Arzate’s poetry is a reality check and while many like to read to escape their troubles, many can benefit from a good ole fashion reality check.

What’s a reality check? A reality check is when you get the bratty kids the car to go take a trip down to the third ward. Why? To understand the value of what they have, the reason for the daily grind, and the struggle that happens while they pout and complain about not getting what they want.

That’s what Ben Arzate’s poetry does.

The show is tonight at tonight at 9:30PM CST. Call ins welcomed. Use 7136365637 to dial in or find Mr. Deadman on Skype using


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Gather Around Kids

Because it’s Deadman’s Tome Story Time, which means crazy Mr. Deadman or one of his friends is going to read you a little story or two. We promise that theses stories will replace that dull boredom that’s in your heart and with good ole fashion, bone chilling fear!


Don’t believe me? I know you’re curious. You give me five minutes of your time, and I promise you’ll stay for the whole show.


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Conversation with Clark Roberts

Clark Roberts meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about his work, horror, and conspiracies! This Saturday at 9:30PM CST

Catch the show live to win free print copies Deadman’s Tome The Conspiracy Issue! How do I win free print copies? Easy, either comment on the episode during the live show with why YOU should get one or call in during the live show.

To call in use Skype and search for
Clark Roberts writes mostly short stories in the genres of horror and fantasy. His fiction has appeared in over twenty publications including Dark Recesses Press, Anotherealm, Nocturnal Ooze, and even Deadman’s Tome.

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Conversation with Nuzo Onoh

Are you ready to learn about African Horror? Nuzo Onoh (A.K.A. “The Queen of African Horror”) meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about how she got into writing and story telling, her cultural influences, and all things African Horror!

Listen to the show live this Friday at 9pm CST to send in questions. Leave your questions in the comment section and they’ll be asked.

Can’t catch the show live? That’s okay, listen to it afterwards on Spreaker, iTunes, and YouTube.