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Deadman's Tome Podcast 0

Christmas is coming early and has Mr. Deadman pissed off the Satanists ?

StreamLabs Donate: Donate: Glenn Christmas grew up in Houston, Texas where he still lives today with his wife of twenty-six years. His thirty-year career in the fire alarm industry immersed his mind in electronics and technology, which sparked the idea for this story. He retired from sales in 2015 to enjoy life and found a passion for writing […]

Deadman's Tome Podcast 0

Richard Rumple and The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

  Patreon: StreamLabs Donate: Paypal donate Richard “Rich” Rumple currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky, after having grown up in Indiana, with New York, Chicago, Mobile, Baton Rouge, and Europe all mixed in between. “Gabriela…” is his third release, following the highly successful “Horror Across The Alley” and “The Lurk In Summer.” “Some of my fans think it […]

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Conversations this Week

The Deadman’s Tome podcast starts off with the Queen of Filth, followed by strange creatures with Dan Allen, and then paranormal activity with Tammy Gyarmathy. Monday at 9:30PM CST – Dani Brown (Queen of Filth) Wednesday at 9:30PM CST – Dan Allen Friday at 9:30PM CST – Tammy Gyarmathy (paranormal investigator)