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HUSH overrated Garbage?

First, if you liked HUSH then that’s fine.

I couldn’t get into the film. I tried. It was hyped as the great horror film. What I say was a freaking fantasy land comedy where a psychotic serial killer is soooo inept that he can’ take out a deaf woman. The victim he stalked is impaired, and he realizes this well-before he breaks into her home for the kill. How did he fail that badly? How did he fuck up such an easy target?

Imagine this Bad Luck Brain of a killer sitting at a poker table with Jason, Michael, and Chucky. He would be the laughing stock. He would be the beer bitch and the ass and mouth for the after party.

I just couldn’t get into it for the premise and unbelievable stupid psychopathic killer.

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Before I Wake


Before I Wake, a PG-13 dream and nightmare horror, promises to deliver a chilling story about a child whose dreams and nightmares come to life. I wish this was rated R. With a PG-13, you already know it will be limited with disturbing imagery and the sense of threat will be tame.

If you want a horror short that escapes the limited boundaries of PG-13 and still delivers a solid story with chilling narrative, then check out VooDon’t by Kelly Evans

Haunting nightmares is a common trope in horror, but what about actively seeking dream state to face willingly face a nightmare? Check out The Corruption in the Deep by S. Alessandro Martinez




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Don’t Breathe and Related Horror Stories


A group of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

Committing the perfect crime is only possible if you have what it takes to endure the nightmare of guilt, remorse, and the occasional haunting.

In the spirit of Don’t Breathe, check out Book of Horrors – More Plastic Wrap a horror short where a broke freeloading thirty something year old plots thought that his mom’s “accidental” death would be easy to cover up.

Also check out Uxoricide by Bob McNeil a horror short that parallels the O.J. Simpson murder situation and illustrates how even egomaniacs aren’t immune to haunting remorse.


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Horror Movies, Writing Styles, and Vampires

Mr. Deadman speaks with Clive Carpenter and Cain Miller about their stories, horror movies, inspiration, writing styles, and the cold feeling of rejection.

Clive Carpenter is the author of Confession, a dark and demented tale of a world’s cruelest mother ever.

Cain Miller is the author of Blithe Town, a horror short that serves as a reminder as to why you shouldn’t even dare drive through certain towns.

The live stream had many technical issues, but we were able to power through. I live in Houston and the heavens have unleashed gallons upon gallons of rain on us, which may explain how my already bad connection got worse.