Can a Brotha Survive in Horror?

Marchese and I had a discussion on the Deadman’s Tome podcast not too long ago on whether or not a brotha can survive in horror. The same episode, which can be found on iTunes, YouTube, and Spreaker, also delved into the subject of ghetto booty. Hey ladies, don’t hate because you don’t go that extra cushion. This episode was also, if I recall correctly, one … Continue reading Can a Brotha Survive in Horror?

Freak Out! 5 Horror Films to Watch Under the Influence

    Howdy, dope fiends! It’s no secret there’s plenty of entertainment that can be improved with certain substances–ask anyone who has ever gone to a Phish show or sat through an entire infomercial. Horror movies are no exception. There’s no shortage of bizarre and freaky splatter flicks that get even weirder under the influence. If you’re looking for a trip, I’ve picked out 5 … Continue reading Freak Out! 5 Horror Films to Watch Under the Influence

Misogyny in Horror Films?

An excerpt from a wikipedia page on Misogyny in horror films Misogyny can occur in horror films when there is a degrading representation of women. This is found particularly in slasher films, where there is often gendered specific violence towards women.[1] Female characters experience violence and brutality at the hands of male antagonists far more often than male characters in these films. Female characters are … Continue reading Misogyny in Horror Films?