Sex Toy by Bob Freville

  They had been happy once, Eric thought. Before that primordial pecker monster, that god-fuck-it-all sexual sacrilege, made its entrance. The thought of the damned thing and the word entrance brought bile to his bearded throat, stuck in the craw of this love sick loser in his unwashed attire. The rolled legs of his jeans smelled of piss and he hadn’t showered in longer than … Continue reading Sex Toy by Bob Freville

Anthology Page Added

Deadman’s Tome Best of the Demonic The Best of the Demonic compiles an assortment of editor picks as a way to celebrate our two years of publication. Loaded with ten gruesome, horrific tales that will pull you to the edge of your seat, this greatest hits anthology will deliver back-to-back a complimentary sample of what Deadman’s Tome is all about. Fans of our thriving ezine, … Continue reading Anthology Page Added

Watch “Deadman’s Tome – ANT FARM and Murderous Kids” on YouTube

Anyone that has kids can testify that they’re creepy as fuck sometimes. Standing in your doorway late at night, staring at you, whispering under his breath. Kids can be a source of unrelenting terror just as they can be a source of naive innocence. ANT FARM visits the fear of an undisciplined little bastard stomping the life out of you, literally. You ready so a … Continue reading Watch “Deadman’s Tome – ANT FARM and Murderous Kids” on YouTube

Moving In

The creator and editor-in-chief of Deadman’s Tome regrets to inform you that the old Deadman’s Tome site ( will be shutting down due to financial reasons. Though funds are tight, the passion for the ideals and principles that allowed the site to exist is immense. Deadman’s Tome, instead of fading into the dark internet abyss, will transition to a new home. With that said, we welcome … Continue reading Moving In