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Tag: Horror ezine

Horror 12

Pruning The Garden by David M. Hoenig

“Won’t you tell me about the girls who have passed, Lily?  No one else is willing to say anything.”  The speaker was a brunette, dressed in a dark red and black corset with stockings and garters, and she sat at one of the saloon tables with a blonde girl wearing a similar costume in white and pale green.  Both her […]

dark 6

Lost In The Dark by Matt Michaelis

  The road curved through the swamp.  Headlights preceded the car as it careened over the asphalt, faster than the signs would allow it. “Slow down, John, you’re going too fast!” “We have to get to my parents’ house tonight, Sue.  We can’t afford a hotel room.” “We won’t make it if you slide off the road and into a […]

Horror 1

Lord Weatherby by J.D. Mraz

    He rubs bare bone with longing fingertips, staring into abyssal sockets. “Oh Agatha,” He bellows, “Why do you do it?” He repeats these words for a few moments as he swirls his burning drink around in a stained glass. Throwing his head forward in a rush of blood he stares down a once bustling gallery of statuettes and […]

Horror 4

The Chasm Bridged by Carson Winter

In the walls, I hear her voice. She speaks very plainly. It was the same voice she used to ask me for a kiss. To invite me into her bed. To say she loved me. And finally, when the sickness had reached her mind, to ask “Who are you?” over and over again. I put my ear to the drywall, […]