Mark Deloy – Horror Writing, Paranormal, Pedo Priests

Mark Deloy is the author of the novels Life Suspended and The Ghosts of Silence as well as dozens of stories in various anthologies. His novel The Southern House will be published in the summer of 2018 from Hellbound Books. He lives and writes in middle Tennessee. This is also where most of his paranormal fiction is based. He is currently working on his next … Continue reading Mark Deloy – Horror Writing, Paranormal, Pedo Priests

Conversation with James Longmore

James Longmore of HellBound Books meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about the Jack Ketchum anthology. ​HellBound Books, with the permission of Dallas Mayr’s agent and estate, are putting together an anthology of short stories inspired by and in loving homage to the late, great Jack Ketchum! This is a great opportunity and a lot of people are jealous. Green with envy is no good, people. … Continue reading Conversation with James Longmore