Do Ghosts Exist? #DTMonsters   Tonight on the Deadman’s Tome podcast, Gerard Simonelli, Co-Founder of Seekers Club of the Paranormal, meets with Mr. Deadman and The Dynamite Marchese to talk about ghosts and the paranormal. Do ghosts exists? Is there not a chance, a slight chance that paranormal monsters could exist? Let’s find out together tonight at 10PM CST. You can also find us in Real Vision Radio’s … Continue reading Do Ghosts Exist? #DTMonsters

Therapy of the Dead Chapter 3

The door closed behind him and locked instantly. Cosmetically, the room felt alien from the previous, a boring drywall surface replaced the glamorous wood, a partially stained cement floor replaced the fine wood and luxurious carpet, and fluorescent lights replaced the royal illumination for a sight impairing, flickering, ghostly aura. It was a shadow, an unwelcoming cousin, of the hotel lobby, hallways, and library. Even … Continue reading Therapy of the Dead Chapter 3