The Way In – Gary Buller

  The Way In Gary Buller   Leroy Tyrell’s mood descended as the lift slowly carried him to the fourth floor. Something had been niggling him from the moment he exited his car that morning, the distinct feeling that something wasn’t right. His dad would have probably described it as negative mojo, but Leroy wasn’t as superstitious as the old man. Still- it persisted as … Continue reading The Way In – Gary Buller

The Boogeyman – Larry Sells

Enhance your coffee today Tears flowed down my cheeks.  I lied in bed and watched the darkness.  It seemed to move and hid something, something that I could not make out.  It scared me.   From downstairs, I heard my father and mother’s loud voices.  I did not know what scared me worse, the way the darkness moved or the yelling my parents were doing. … Continue reading The Boogeyman – Larry Sells