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Alzheimer’s? Forget About It!

Deadman’s Tome has a new book out and my share of the proceeds are going to the alzheimer’s foundation! Alzheimer’s disease is a horrifying and daunting experience and hopefully one day we can find a cure. My grandmother suffers from the disease. It’s a strange experience to watch as a loved one slowly losses their mind. Her brain is literally eroding, being eaten away by some rogue proteins (or whatever). People say that even when a photo is lost that at least you have the memory. But not even memories remain. Such a terrible experience.
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Horror for Charity!


Mechanisms of Despair, Gary Buller’s debut collection, features dark psychological horror that will keep you hooked. This collection contains some of of Gary’s earlier works that have be re-written line by line, and put through the editing process again. Gary would like to think that the readers are getting a ‘high definition’ version of the original tales, and he’s absolutely correct.


The talented Shawn Langley was commissioned to work on the cover art, and he did a fantastic job. From the cover, you get a good idea of what each story is about. They say don’t judge by the cover, but in this case, judge away.

Gary Buller (B1).jpg

The best part is that all of the profits are going to charity! Mechanisms of Despair will raise money for both the The Alzheimer’s Foundation and Sarcoma UK – a charity that helps people suffering with bone and soft tissue cancer. When you buy Mechanisms of Despair, you’re actually going to help a noble cause, AND receive a chilling dose of brutal, psychological horror!

Mechanisms of Despair is available for NOW for Amazon Kindle. The collection is available for Kindle and paperback.




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Interview with Gary Buller

If you haven’t read Escape or The Way Out by Gary Buller then you’ve really got to do yourself a favor and read them. Escape is a short, dark, and amusing tale of a girl that just can’t seem to stop killing herself. Imagine Groundhog Day but with Bill Murray purposefully trying to fuck up. Of course, suicide isn’t a light subject, but this delightful little piece of horror will have you think otherwise. If you make it through Escape without laughing at the protagonists almost cartoon-like desire to just die, then you might be taking the story too seriously.

The Way Out is a dark story that illustrates a suffocating and constraining world of paranoia and madness as a man slowly loses his sanity. From his shattered sanity and the festering sense of doubt, the reader never really knows whether the character is a live or dead, or something in between.

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