Game and Chill

Having grown up playing on a NES, SNES and PC, Mr. Deadman definitely has a passion for video games. Come hangout and chill on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9:30PM to catch Mr. Deadman playing various games. Game and Chill streams on the following channels on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9:30PM CST: Twitch: YouTube Current Schedule: 2/12/2019: APEX Legends 2/16/2019: Suggested SNES game … Continue reading Game and Chill

October 2018 Issue

The October issue has more weight and substance for a free to read ezine, and makes it all the more perfect for the month of Halloween. Between writing and playing Fortnite, treat yourself to short and demented stories. Featuring: Brad P Christy, George Jacobs, DiVitto Kelly, R.C. Mulhare, and C.M. Saunders and an article by Mr. Deadman Follow this link to download the Ezine for … Continue reading October 2018 Issue

This Fact is SO Embarrassing

Whether you are a writer, musician, or an artist, we juggle routines with responsibilities and priorities. Responsibilities, such as getting the kids ready for school or taking out the trash, can’t be ignored. Just as priorities such as dropping that morning deuce or brewing that fresh cup of coffee are essential to daily living. But there are things we often think of as priorities when … Continue reading This Fact is SO Embarrassing