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Do 4theluv Non-Paying Publications Suck?

Do they? Do nonpaying publications suck the on the industry like a leech, sucking on the creative talent, exploiting writers for profit without sharing a dime? If you think yes then that’s a pretty bleak and extreme way of looking at it, right?

Nonpaying markets offer a place to learn and get exposure. Granted, the exposure might not be much, and the experience learned is only really as good as the feedback received. However, nonpaying does serve a purpose. The way I see it there are three types of people that choose the nonpaying route:

  1. Those that have tried paying and are looking for experience and feedback
  2. Those with low-self esteem
  3. Those that think the written word should be free

A writer should never just stay playing around in nonpaying markets. I played a lot of video games as a kid, and a my way of looking at it is like in World of Warcraft. Nonpaying markets are the low-level bullshit zones. You go there to get your feet wet, you start out, learn the ropes, but you really need to expand and explore if you want to actually build a character.

Now, I see value in 4theluv. Why wouldn’t I? Deadman’s Tome started out that way. With that said, let’s explore the counter arguments. Some think that it brings down the quality of work overall, but that’s not necessairly a nonpaying problem, but a editor problem. Both nonpaying and paying attract bad work, and I couldn’t imagine money waived around as a deterrent for bad work. The money would attract more work, and increase the probability of higher caliber, but it would also increase the slush. It’s just a fact of stats.

Some say writers deserve “their due”. Okay, sure, but what is “their due”? If a writer chooses to contractually agree to give a publisher publishing rights, non-exclusive publishing rights, in exchange for exposure then that’s their choice. No one is forcing them. What’s the argument? That exposure alone shouldn’t be offered? If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to do agree to it. If others do, then so what? Get mad about is all you want, but in the end who the fuck cares?

There are more arguments. Marchese and I go into 4theluv publications and their purpose on the show and we would love your feedback. Spreaker allows comments, by the way.

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2018 Writing Contest

Deadman’s Tome 2018 Flash Fiction contest

We want your demented, horror flash fiction and we want them to make disturb us! Submissions should be no more than 800 words, and should be well written and soaked with disturbing imagery.

Deadline: April 30th 2018

Prizes: 1st ($100), 2nd ($75), 3rd ($50)

Entry fee: $5 USD

*This fee is to help cover the costs associated with the contest. The fee would be refunded if you decide to pull out from the contest within fourteen days of signing up for the contest.


  • Original, unpublished work
  • No more than 800 word count
  • Dark, disturbing horror
  • Stories will be read and judged starting on May 1st. The readings and judging would be conducted live on a special broadcast of the Deadman’s Tome podcast
  • Entry fee is nonrefundable after 14 days of sign-up
  • Failure to read and follow the rules is on you

If interested contact with Flash Fiction Contest in subject line.




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Subscribe to Deadman’s Tome

Want a consistent serving of chilling horror, gripping thrillers, and demented content? Then subscribe to Deadman’s Tome to gain access to the Deadman’s Tome library. For only $2 a month,  you get access to just about everything Deadman’s Tome has to offer, that includes back issues and new releases. The library is currently being updated, but right now you can download digital versions of The Ancient Ones, Monsters Exist, and Cthulhu Special!

For only two dollars a month? This offer is insane, right? All you need is to use the subscribe link and you’ll be directed to the library.

If you want access to other digital files like epub and .mobi, then you’ll want to pledge at the Deadman’s Tome Patreon page. WordPress is giving me grief with those file types.




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Shoutouts on the Podcast

Trying to market your book or creative project? Then perhaps a shoutout from the Deadman’s Tome podcast could help.

Deadman’s Tome podcast reaches about 300 listens and 200 downloads a week, and aims at a demographic of adult men and women that like to write, read horror books, watch horror films, sometimes drink, and otherwise have a good time.

Here’s the brass tax. I want to open the show for paid shoutouts and sponsors, but I want you to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

For a dollar, a crisp US dollar, I’ll shoutout your product or whatever at the beginning of the Friday live stream.

For five dollars, I’ll shoutout your product or whatever at the beginning if the show for a week. That would include the Friday live stream, a show on Monday, and a show on Wednesday.

For ten dollars, I’ll shoutout your product or whatever at the beginning of the show for a month. For a freakin’ month!

Payments would be through PayPal. Message me direct using if interested.

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Best of Cthulhu Christmas VOTE NOW!

2017 is OVER and that means it’s time for a popularity contest. Now, remember that his is all in good fun. I personally will sit out on this vote as I enjoy every story in this collection, but please don’t follow my example. Spread the link out to as many people as possible. What does the winner get? How about some beer money? $20 bucks (PayPal) and a certificate

Haven’t read Cthulhu Christmas Special?

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Top Post of 2017

October Blitz was an insane idea and planned last minute without any input from the Dynamite Marchese, but it turned out to be the most viewed page on the site.

What is October Blitz? Well, Marchese and I host a podcast called the Deadman’s Tome podcast. The show is essentially the fun extra content in old horror magazines like Creep Show, or in magazine in general. While the meat of the show consists of the interviews with various authors, filmmakers, and other creative minds and the discussion on writing, current events, and pop culture, the show is complimented with fan mail and personality.

The podcast would normally broadcast once a week on Friday, with the occasional side episode here and there, but for October I wanted to do an episode every single day. I shot Marchese a message, I declared that we were doing this, and we did it. Now, Marchese has a real job and would need sleep once and a while, so we had guest come in to fill his spot.

You know, I could ramble about what October Blitz was or you could see for yourself. Use this link to check out October Blitz.

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Top Guest Article of 2018

Reflecting on the top articles and stories, and I remembered that there were a few guest editorials. I checked the most viewed posts for 2017 and Philip W. Kleaver’s Freak Out! 5 Horror Films to Watch Under the Influence was high up on the list. With over 40 Facebook shares and about 600 views, Kleaver clearly caught readers’ attention, but what exactly did they learn?

Well, I could regurgitate the article for you, but I wouldn’t do it justice. Besides, you can read it for yourself by following this link.