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Let’s talk Tales From The Crypt Reboot!

Friday at 10PM CST, Mr. Deadman and William C. Marchese will talk about Tales from the Crypt reboot produced by M. Night Shyamalan, Fangoria and the death of print, The Walking Dead, and more.

Participate in the chat for your chance to win a free signed copy of The Ancient Ones!

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Print is Dead

At least for Fangoria…

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that eBooks and eZines allow publishers to offer the same material and information but at a fraction of the cost. It should also be of no surprise that digital formats are on the rise. The ability to read a book, magazine, or article at the push of a button is so amazing and something that print versions just cannot compete with.


Well, most of us with our ears to the ground heard this news coming from far off. Fangoria isn’t likely to produce another magazine in print. Ever. The troubles that Fango has been having stretch back years (all the way back when I was writing for them in 2008), and while I won’t point any […]

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