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Brian Meeks, Becky’s Hate Speech on Facebook, Destroy A Man Now Book

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Brian Meeks, Becky’s hate speech on fb, a book on destroying men?

Brian D. Meeks is an author who writes under his name and the pen name Arthur Byrne.

He discovered a knack for weaving tales quite by accident on Jan 2, 2010, and has been writing every day since. Becoming a novelist has changed his life.

As of September, 2015, Brian has written and published eleven novels and one non-fiction title.

His first novels were the books in the Henry Wood Detective series. After that, he wrote a thriller called A Touch to Die For and a YA titled Secret Doors: The Challenge. During this time he also maintained the blog that started it all,

One reader of the blog asked why he hadn’t written anything more snarky, since there were often piles of snark in his blagh posts. Brian didn’t have a good answer and so Arthur Byrne was born.

Arthur Byrne started out as the protagonist in Brian’s first satire, Underwood, Scotch, and Wry. He became a pen name with the release of Killing Hemingway and later wrote the first trilogy in a new science fiction series, The Magellan Apocalypse. Arthur also writes a lot of the snarky newsletters because Brian just can’t be bothered with such things.

Brian lives in a small town in Iowa, plays tennis and golf, and loves gathering data about his books. He’s a data junkie. He is also a huge fan of guinea pigs.

Brian Meeks, Becky’s Hate Speech on Facebook, Destroy All Men Now Book
Deadman’s Tome podcast is a variety show covers everything from horror writing, horror movies, filmmaking, youtube drama, and fringe communities. Deadman’s Tome has stong stance on free speech and is open to exploring conspiracy theories and social issues. While the show has a comedic bent to it, some many heartfelt moments have been explored on the program. The show was designed to be somewhere between the Joe Rogan Experience and Howard Stern, but with a stronger focus on horror and writing.

Live stream every monday, wednesday, and friday at 9:30pm

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Former Facebook exec Claims Facebook is ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.

Former executive of Facebook thinks he helped in creating tools that are destroying the social fabric of society. The short term dopamine driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works. He claims that Facebook is part of the reason why there’s no civil discourse, no cooperation, massive misinformation and mistruth.

As a contrarian, I want to counter his claims so bad. While I can come up with historic examples to show that people have always formed groups and competed with those in the other groups. We’re social animals and for the most part want to be with people that think, talk, and act like we do, and we also like to attack those on the other side of the field. This truth has been around since caveman days to the Victorian times, to even modern day. The difference is that we’re all connected in a way and communicate at a rate once thought only imaginable as science fiction. But we’re living in science fiction. We can face-time with people across the globe, broadcast to everyone world wide from a coffee shop, have selfdriving cars, explore virtual worlds, and even higher sex bots. This is the future!

With that said, I agree that tools like Facebook are changing and reshaping how society functions, but I don’t know about ripping the fabric apart. True, couples sometimes spend nights, days, even week’s without talking while getting a continual dopamine fix, but is that the fault of Facebook or relationship issues gone ignored? 

People still engage in conversation, but in conversations that interest them. Besides, to claim that people staring at their screens are antisocial ignores that they’re in fact likely socializing with others online. 

Divisions between this group and that group have become more intense in relation to the group a becoming more polarized and sometimes even fanatical. This development does seem to be related to the dominance of social media, and I’m not sure what it would lead to in the future. Perhaps society will group off into various social camps, form guilds, and what have you. Perhaps society will become so divided that society crumbles like a shit cookie.

Personally, I hate Facebook. I’m find the timeline a convoluted mess of virtue signaling. 

What do you think? What’s your MondayMusing on this? 

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Roughly around October 2016, I ran a promotion for Deadman’s Tome HORRGASM and for the site in general and came back weeks later to this message:


That’s right, my account has been flagged because apparently promoting unadulterated gruesome horror fiction violates precious guidelines. I never really thought Mark Zuckerberg was a pussy, but now I know. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Not about the Mark Zuckerberg being a cuck for family values, but for the flag on my account.

You see, when I ran the promo for HORRGASM and for the site, Facebook tried to stop it with a warning that Facebook does not promote pornographic material. I was taken aback, because while HORRGASM contained strong sexual vulgarity, it was all text. If I had known HORRGASM was going to earn me a flag I would’ve gone even more brazen with it and loaded it with images that would haunt one’s psyche for months.


Because of this flag, I cannot even promote the Facebook page or any of the posts. Deadman’s Tome is considered adult material and locks it away in basement like some perverted fiend. How do I feel about this? It sucks that I wouldn’t be able to purchase ads on the social media giant, but at the same time, it means that Deadman’s Tome might actually be the dark and brutal horror mag I intended. For that, I must thank all of the authors that made the Tome possible. It wasn’t me. The only thing I did was create a beacon of sorts, a lightning rod for some of the most depraved minds out there.

While the political correctness craze could be worrisome for a dark and brutal horror magazine, human nature suggests that content that is suppressed, banned, blocked or by some other means restricted from the population becomes more desirable. People want to read what other people say they shouldn’t. Readers will look at the facts and ask what is in the magazine that is that bad?

And the answer is waiting for them.




Read and find out why Facebook flagged me.


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Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Read This!

Not making this up, folks. Deadman’s Tome HORRGASM, a horror anthology with six titillating tales of provocative horror, cannot be promoted on Facebook. Not only that, but because I somehow circumvented their promotion system, I am banned from using Facebook ads!

Why? Because apparently Facebook deems HORRGASM pornographic, which is odd, because it’s just text. There aren’t any graphic images in the ebook. It’s literally a collection of short stories and nothing more. I will admit that the original cover was graphic, but I even went against my own principles and censored it. But it did not make a difference. I tried talking with a Facebook representative and he told me that Facebook is not a platform for porn and smut. I tried to convince him to read the material, but he never got back with me.

It get’s worse. Apparently, if you try to search for Deadman’s Tome HORRGASM on Amazon it will not show up. It is not even listed, but the book is active on my side. Just what is Facebook and Amazon trying to keep from you? Read it for yourself using this link.




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Deadman’s Tome Fan Club

Love horror? A frequent visitor of this terrifying site? Then join the fan club. I know I tell you guys about being a patron, the T-shirts, and the anthology. But I get that a lot of you want to show support but don’t have the dimes to do it.

Then do me and the authors of this lovely horrifying tome and join the fan club!

It costs nothing and it means a lot.