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Medieval Times

Do you think medieval people were nothing but a bunch of dirty, unwashed savages? Do you the think the peasants lived in their own filth for months on end because of a fear of water? Do you think that people back then were a bunch of ignorant mongoloid idiots that thought that a sneeze would cost them their soul? Well, you’re wrong, and so am I. As products of a shit school system, most people have a limited perspective of what life was like back then, but this Friday all that will change!
Get ready for an education!
Kelly Evans, a history geek that has spent extensive time researching the ins and outs of basic life and medieval medicine, is coming on the Deadman’s Tome podcast to give us the lesson our schools failed to give.

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Meet Matthew Lyons

This Friday at 10PM CST, meet Matthew Lyons. He is the writer behind One Crazy Tip, a modern fable warning of the dangers of too much self-love. Together, We’ll explore Matthew’s inspiration behind his work and find out if his perverted little tale was inspired by a real life experience.


If you haven’t yet read Matthew Lyons’ One Crazy Tip, then you really ought to. One Crazy Tip is featured in Deadman’s Tome’s February release entitled No Safe Word. No Safe Word is a dark blend of erotic perversions and chilling horror. Check out No Safe Word to find out more.


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Trumpocalypse Reading Tonight


Trumpocalypse reading tonight at 10PM CST. It will be a much better and much more entertaining show than the boring Trump inauguration. Open to calls via Skype using Watch live tonight using

You can watch the live stream on Facebook using this link:


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Decide No Safe Word Cover

While Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse is still kicking ass and pissing off Donald Trump, Mr. Deadman is working on something with a bit more kink. February is a time for love and heart-break, but it is also a time for whips and chains. What it love without pain, right? And being that Deadman’s Tome has a routine of serving dark, demented, brutal horror it only makes sense that the gimps wouldn’t be given a safe word.

Help decide the cover for Deadman’s Tome No Safe Word.

Cover A: Handful
Cover B: Thighs
Cover C: Wide Open

Leave a comment below on which cover you like best.

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Debt is the American Dream


Horror writer Chuck Buda joins Mr. Deadman to discuss Pay Up and Die. Pay Up and Die is a horror novel that illustrates a problem that is all too real, a problem that resonates with the American people: debt. It seems in order to do anything one is required to get into a debt. Want that new car? Let’s finance. Want that college degree? Take some student loans without thinking about it. Want that house? Here’s more debt and let’s see how well you can stay afloat before you drown.

When America is supposed to be a beacon of some sort, an example, and yet burdened with debt, it makes one wonder if that example is the dangers of delusions of grandeur. We are coming close to a time when debt collectors may take a more serious way of collecting what’s theirs. We are already in a time where people will sell their own kids to appease their debt collectors. But what if you could fight to the death in a battle royale to have you debt erased? Imagine the numbers of willing contestants, but the trick is that the winner always loses because that vanished debt doesn’t come with a nice check. Rather the debt is gone, but the need to get back into debt in order to live remains.

Chuck also talks about what it’s like to be a co-host under the mean Armand Rosamilia on the Mando Method podcast and shares something that he has never told anyone.


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Best Story of 2016!

Sweet Mug

Let’s take the top story for every month and vote on the Best of 2016! You might notice that the number of stories doesn’t equal the number of months, and that’s because some were repeaters. I will not disclose which ones, but if you really want to know you can listen to the breakdown of the top horror stories on Deadman’s Tome here:


The stories chosen for consideration are The Corruption in the Deep by S. Alessandro MartinezNorth by Due North – David M. HoenigHold Me Tight – S. J. BuddBlackmouth by S. Alessandro MartinezThe Weapon Collector by Dave Hann[NSFW] Unbloom by Kristine Hall-GarciaBeached by Corey NilesUxoricide by Bob McNeilThe Boy in the Trunk – Nicola Lombardi, and The Chasm Bridged by Carson Winter

The winner will receive a free Deadman’s Tome mug




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Chill with Mr. Deadman

Chill with Mr. Deadman tonight at 10PM on the Deadman’s Tome podcast. Use this link to catch the show and participate in the chat.

Tonight I am open to discuss New Year’s Resolutions with callers via Skype. Just contact me using on Skype from 10PM to 11:30PM CST and I will answer.

I will also go over the top posts and stories for the year month by month!

we may have some fun with Writing with Mr. Deadman, where we will write a little something from a random generated plot and cards pulled from Cards Against Humanity.


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No Safe Word – Call for Submissions


Deadman’s Tome is calling for submissions for its February issue titled No Safe Word.


No Safe Word is themed around dark erotica with an element of horror and bizarre. Submissions should be approximately 1000 words. Deadline is January 25th. However, the call for submissions may close early if I’m flooded with quality work. So, send your submissions as soon as possible.

I offer 10% royalty as payment and an invite to the Deadman’s Tome podcast.

If interested, please submit to



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Trumpocalypse is Now

Due to a goof when navigating the new Kindle Digital Publishing interface, the print edition of Trumpocalypse is now available!

Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse is loaded with dark twisted stories featuring the President, riffing on his ego, his micro-penis, and his love for his daughter.

Trumpocalypse delivers more laughs than scares, but the dark tones and demented edge is everything Deadman’s Tome. Check out the interview with Donald Trump where he confesses a bombshell.

Get a copy of Trumpocalypse and join that campaign of getting Trump’s attention. I have purchased two copies and have sent one to the Whitehouse and another to Trump tower. One package may not get Trump’s attention, but a dozen would.

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Interview with author Theresa Braun

Theresa Braun, author of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Shout at the Devil, the Price of Love, and Dead over Heels, joins Mr. Deadman to talk about everything from her latest projects, writing, and ghost hunting. Check out the conversation on the Deadman’s Tome podcast Friday night at 10PM CST.

You can check out Theresa Braun’s work by going to her website at