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Bukkake Brawl Review

Bukkake Brawl written by Made in DNA

9828707Chances are the title caught your curiosity, and chances are high that perhaps your curiosity was followed by a moment of shame, maybe even guilt because you know what a bukkake is.

However, don’t allow the guilt and shame to cloud your interest. Bukkake Brawl delivers an intense and engaging story of aspiration and revenge set in a dystopian 80’s envision of the future where sex, perversion, and cybernetic enhancements are the norm. Imagine Total Recall (original) in the hands of a perverted Japanese film studio (only the bast ones are) that focused on the underground fighting scene.

Through this book, graphic scenes of brutal violence and raw smut fucking fire at you rapidly through a series of tweets, but the story is far from an erotica. The sex takes a backseat for the brutality, while the bleak, doom and gloom, technopunk environment creates the aesthetics.

Now, this isn’t the sort of story you allow you child to read, but then again, Made in DNA clearly knows that his target audience are perverted dudes (and dudettes) raised in the late 80’s and very early 90’s. Mei, the protagonist female Bukkake Brawler of the story, is controlled by her debtor\pimp by a cocknami code. You read that correctly. A cocknami code. If you don’t get the reference then I’m willing to be most of the humor will just slip right by you. If you do get it, then do yourself a favor and check out Bukkake Brawl.