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Deadman’s Tome Recap (4/29/2017) 

WCM — William Marchese

JD — Jesse Dedman
WCM: (Sometime after the show) I lay here, eyes set on the ceiling, I think crazy thoughts. Len plays on the speakers. “Steal my sunshime!” The world spins. 
JD: (Last night into morning) After downing a bottle of wine and several glasses of Jack, I crashed into a drunken slumber. I woke to the sound of my son shouting dad over and over again. I thought it would go away, but the moment of silence was followed by a sudden body slam. My son was on my back beating my head like a bongo.
WCM: And I wake up this morning and the Coronas don’t hold my mind captive any more. See that trick of time? A Motrin and I’m good to go. 
JD: My mind is free from any hangover, but the responsibility of being the best dad ever is not. Busy life in this household. 
WCM: Last night we had a day-late show due to personal issues, but we persevered. 
We talked about cursing, or as Jesse says, “cussing.” How laziness it brings can equate to writing. And a story I wrote about last Wednesday on artificial Wombs.
JD you’re beating around the bush. You know you want to say it. I can’t stop from cussing. I spoke about Trump and then shit spewed out from my mouth! Now I’m at Gary’s mercy. Jesus Christ. 
WCM: Haha, yes. Now lets see what Gary has in store for you. You naughty boy. 
Until next week. 
WCM and JD 

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Real Horror and Drunk Reading

Tonight at 11pm CST, Mr. Deadman will explore some recent headlines (some horror related) from a cynical perspective while getting drunk for a live drunk reading of a random story. Want to really get Mr. Deadman drunk? Then become a patron by donating a dollar or pre-order the Book of Horrors II

The link on the sidebar that reads RSS Feed will direct you to the podcast. The sidebar will even list the new episode as it goes live.

You could also follow Mr. Deadman via Twitter to get the link as soon as the podcast goes live.

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If you miss the live show, that’s okay. You can catch the podcast on any podcast app and even iTunes.


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Mr. Deadman did a live reading of Turbo Slut 5K after downing a few shots. The drunk reading proved a bit difficult at first and Mr. Deadman trails of with interesting little bits about how the misogynistic filth that is Turbo Slut 5K is actually the MOST pro-feminist story ever written. Turbo Slut 5K is the imagining of the ultimate take down of the patriarchy!

Warning: Turbo Slut 5K is graphic and hyper sexualized. Don’t let you kids listen to this. It contains death by pussy, death by boob, and death by asshole.