Deadman’s Tome Recap (4/29/2017) 

WCM — William Marchese JD — Jesse Dedman WCM: (Sometime after the show) I lay here, eyes set on the ceiling, I think crazy thoughts. Len plays on the speakers. “Steal my sunshime!” The world spins.  JD: (Last night into morning) After downing a bottle of wine and several glasses of Jack, I crashed into a drunken slumber. I woke to the sound of my … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome Recap (4/29/2017) 

Real Horror and Drunk Reading

Tonight at 11pm CST, Mr. Deadman will explore some recent headlines (some horror related) from a cynical perspective while getting drunk for a live drunk reading of a random story. Want to really get Mr. Deadman drunk? Then become a patron by donating a dollar or pre-order the Book of Horrors II The link on the sidebar that reads RSS Feed will direct you to … Continue reading Real Horror and Drunk Reading


Mr. Deadman did a live reading of Turbo Slut 5K after downing a few shots. The drunk reading proved a bit difficult at first and Mr. Deadman trails of with interesting little bits about how the misogynistic filth that is Turbo Slut 5K is actually the MOST pro-feminist story ever written. Turbo Slut 5K is the imagining of the ultimate take down of the patriarchy! … Continue reading TURBO SLUT 5K LIVE DRUNK READING