Real Horror and Drunk Reading

Tonight at 11pm CST, Mr. Deadman will explore some recent headlines (some horror related) from a cynical perspective while getting drunk for a live drunk reading of a random story. Want to really get Mr. Deadman drunk? Then become a patron by donating a dollar or pre-order the Book of Horrors II The link on the sidebar that reads RSS Feed will direct you to … Continue reading Real Horror and Drunk Reading

Deadman’s Tome LIVE Show 10PM (CST)

  Technical Issues Hell: The show was pushed back due to technical issues. Ironic that when contacting with the authors they all seemed amazed that someone even uses Google Hangouts. Ironic that I was toying around with the idea of using OBS to live stream while screen  grabbing different Skype calls, but I didn’t. Good news is I know why it got fucked up and … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome LIVE Show 10PM (CST)