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Disney sued for spying on your kids!

Mr. Deadman and Marchese joked about Disney spying on kids on the Deadman’s Tome podcast a few months back, and while words were said in jest, a nerve was struck. Mr. Deadman made it clear that he finds the very idea of Disney spying on little Timmy and Sally with out parental consent appalling. 

As a parent, how do you feel about the giant media company gathering data on your kids and then selling that data to advertisers? This data could be anything from name, date of birth, photographs, patterns of interests, and even video! Are you okay with That? 

Imagine strange people watching your children from a remote location as they played at the park. Your children don’t know they’re being studied, and neither do you. Yet, they’re being observed like lab rats. Watched by people with all sorts of motive. God forbid these creepers start getting perverted thoughts when they see your kids in compromising positions.

As you can imagine, parents are pissed. These parents have grounds to file for a class action lawsuit against Disney and they’re bot playing. Disney claims it’ll defend, but this is not the first time they got trouble and lost for violating privacy laws! 

Not fake news, folks.

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Deadman’s Tome Podcast (recap)

WCMarchese (WCM): Last night on the Deadman’s Tome podcast we had some nonsense bantering, antvdiscussed conspiracy theories. 

While some are proven to be true, it’s important to be careful and watch out where you are getting the news from. 

Jesse Dedman (JD): Mainstream media will not tell you that Disney is conditioning the children for drone surveillance. Disney aims at kids, and profits from prying on them. Now they’re teaching them that it’s cool and normal to have your privacy invaded! 

Why do you think this is happening? They don’t want the kids to object to little shutterbugs flying around them, piloted by pedo pervs. Sick. Evil. But that’s Disney. 

WCM: We also discussed if it is better to type fast, or slow. Sort of came to the conclusion that both can be good for different things. Like fast for getting info onto the page that you’d forget, and slow for being more in touch with the words. Choose them wisely, indeed. 

JD: Fast typing lowers the quality of prose. Writers dependent on speed typing don’t take the time for the best word. Instead, they shit something out as they’re taking a shit on the ivory throne. Some writers, will go back and revise their rushed out story. That seems like a balanced approach.

WCM: Another topic is how cell phones have made it easier to edit and write in the go. I’m literally banging this post out while warming the car to take care of errands. Nice. 

JD: I’m banging my wife while writing this post. Very nice, indeed.


WCM: This episode was in video format, a little mix up we’re testing. A lot of the things done for now are subtle tests, though, the organic, grass roots feel should never be neglected. After all, it’s just a couple of guys shooting the shit and discussing writing and random things. 

JD: I used to use Live Hangouts for the podcast. A lot of people are used to checking their iTunes feed in the morning after. If we do more live streams, then I’ll make an effort to upload the audio portion to Spreaker and iTunes. 

WCM: Sounds good to me. 

Until next week.