Life Cycle by Adam Phillips

      Mica wedged himself through the huddle of children, stepping on feet and shoving, craning to see what everyone else was looking at.  At the center of the throng was a leaf, and undulating on the leaf was a turgid, shiny brown caterpillar. Mica pushed to the front of the group, bending closer, squinting.       On the caterpillar’s rear end, waving in the air, was … Continue reading Life Cycle by Adam Phillips

Lord Weatherby by J.D. Mraz

    He rubs bare bone with longing fingertips, staring into abyssal sockets. “Oh Agatha,” He bellows, “Why do you do it?” He repeats these words for a few moments as he swirls his burning drink around in a stained glass. Throwing his head forward in a rush of blood he stares down a once bustling gallery of statuettes and ancient trinkets. His eyes once … Continue reading Lord Weatherby by J.D. Mraz